Unusual home furnishings from the usual table

Such tables used to be sold as TV stands. But you can use them in different ways. There are interesting solutions that fit perfectly into almost any interior. Due to the inexpensive cost of basic tables, many can experiment with the design.

With the spread of LCD TVs, the need for wide stands has disappeared, and many owners are ready to sell them for a pittance. If you manage to find such a thing at a garage sale, try to redo it. Maybe it will be a desk for children or a bedside table? You can buy a whole set at once and create several different interior items. These ideas can be implemented by spending quite a bit of time.

Striped table.

Interesting reading of the usual folding table. Thanks to the pastel range and interesting design, such a table will easily fit into a modern interior. If necessary, free up space in the room,it can simply be folded.


1. Clean the table from dirt and dust. This operation should be done very carefully. Then remove the factory varnish with emery cloth.

2. Apply the first coat of light paint and let it dry completely.

3.When using masking tape and a pencil, make marks on the surface for subsequent marking of stripes.

4. Glue masking tape to previously marked marks. It is important to wait for the complete drying of the first coat of paint.

5. Apply a second coat of paint and remove the scotch tape. Dry the paint better already without paint tape, otherwise the stripes can be uneven.

6. After the paint has completely dried, you can apply the drawing using a stencil or special watercolor pencils.

7. Cover the chair with acrylic varnish or wax for polishing furniture. When using wax, it should be applied to the surface several times, polishing with a soft cloth.

And other table decor options:

The combination of blue and gold gives simple things of refinement and chic.

You can leave the color of natural wood around the edges, and decorate only the central part of the surface.

Instead of strips, you can choose other types of decor.

For example, make a painting using the technique of a dry brush. And then apply the inscription using a stencil.

You can simply cover the table with a dark lacquer, adding your initials in the corner. Such a piece of furniture can be an excellent gift.

Table in nautical style.

This table will create in the room the atmosphere of the sea coast and travel on a cruise ship. It will look appropriate in the living room, hallway or in the nursery.


1. Prepare a table for painting.

2. Paint the entire table blue. The most convenient way to work with paint in a can, which can be bought at a hardware store. For the strength of the coating, you can additionally cover the table with acrylic varnish.

3. After complete drying, twist at the corners of attachment for lamps or chandeliers.

4. Pull the rope or rope through the fastening rings, holding the edges under one of the rings. A thin rope can be weaved into a thicker rope.

5. Wind the legs of the table with the same rope, to create a common image.

Board for writing and drawing.

Children love to draw in crayon. To save your furniture from the white tracks, simply create your own workplace for the kid.

1. Prepare a table for painting.Remove the varnish from the old one, or take the base one, on which there is no coating.

2. Choose an appropriately sized drawing board. They can be bought at art stores, or ordered online.

3. Glue the board to the surface.

4. After the glue has dried, process the edge of the board with furniture decorative studs with large hats.

5. Paint the table itself.

Such tables for children's creativity may have other functions.

For example, you can stick a cover for Lego on a stand, and it will be easier for your child to store the details of the designer and play with him.

You can limit the manufacture of a cover of colored material that can withstand many children's games and entertainment. And if there are too many traces of clay and paints on it, you can simply sew a new one.

Serving table or mini bar.

1. Attach an ordinary breakfast table on the lid of the stand.

2. Optionally, add a decor in the form of a grid, which can be made of bamboo rugs.

3. Make a wicker basket stand from plywood.

4. Cover the table with one-color paint.

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