Useful gymnastics on the ball for babies

The birth of a healthy child is truly present and, in recent times, a rare happiness for every family. A healthy children's organism is only the basis on which much will depend in the future. The base, one might say, consists of bricks: nutrition, hardening, sleep, physical activity and hygienic care.

They should be put in their place and at a certain time, they can be cemented using the right habits and skills. The main task of the parents is to take care of the health of the baby, creating comfortable conditions for the mental and physical development of the crumbs. And we must begin with a simple gymnastics for infants on the ball.


Gymnastics on the ball for babies - this is an exercise that will help the body get stronger. The muscle groups that are involved in the exercise are strengthened and developed. Especially the muscles of the back around the spine, which makes its spine flexible and strong. And this, as you know, contributes to the normal and stable functioning of the nervous system.

Exercises on the ball help the child to relax the muscles in the abdominal area, which contributes to the improvement and normalization of the digestive system, in simple terms, it will have much less often infant colic. Yes, and the development of the vestibular apparatus, these exercises have a great impact.

Of course, the advantage of the fitball is that it is so simple that you do not need special training. Still, the first classes with infants are recommended to start with an instructor in children's gymnastics. Exercises can be started from one month of age. By this time, the child on the navel should not be wound. Classes should be held forty minutes before feeding the baby, or after eating, after waiting for about an hour.

Choosing a ball

Now let's talk about choosing the ball. The best option is a ball with a diameter of about 75 cm. Such a ball is suitable not only for gymnastics for infants, but also for adults, because exercises on the ball have a healing effect on the entire body, helping to relax the back muscles and reduce the load on the spine. And for moms it is especially useful, as it helps to get in shape after childbirth.

Choosing a ball, pay attention to the quality indicators of rubber, from which it is made. The main criterion for the normal quality of this product is the weight that can withstand the ball. The manufacturer of good balls indicates the permissible weight. The ball is considered stable if it can withstand from 200 to 300 kg. He must also be elastic enough for the infant to be calm, and you feel confident enough in the safety of the exercises.

Do not choose a ball with special horns and pimples, the surface of the latex should be smooth. Inflating the ball strongly should not, it should be quite stable and soft. The color of the ball should cause only positive emotions in the child.

Simple exercises

Your baby is in a good mood, he is cheerful and does not mind playing, it means it's time for gymnastics. In order not to tire the crumb, the first exercise on the fitball should not be long. Mom herself should get used to the subject, and therefore you may need a safety net who will hold the ball with her hands.

During gymnastics, talk to your baby, sing songs to it. This will help relieve stresswhich you and your child may feel at the beginning. It will take quite a lot of time, and you will notice how the exercises on the ball like a child.

Exercise 1.Sit down on the bed or sofa, put the ball in front of him, covering it with a diaper. Then put the baby on the tummy, so that it is located just in the center of the ball. Remember, you can not pull or hold the baby by the feet, palms and hands, as the risk of injury is large enough. Try to put your hand to the baby on the back and hold it, swing it on the ball forward, backward, in a circle. You can conduct this exercise until you get bored.

Exercise 2.Here you need to put the child's back on the ball. Hold the baby with both hands on the chest and gently begin to sway. Perform circular motions in a clockwise, right and left direction.

Exercise 3.The baby is lying belly on the ball. Hold it tightly by the handles and slightly shake it back and forth, while slightly raising the handles stretched forward so that the child tears the rib cage from the ball.

Exercise 4.The position of the body is still the same belly on the ball. Try to put the baby in the pose of the "frog", with one hand wide apart his knees, and the other insure him in the lumbar region.Shake forward, backward, right, left, vibrate on the ball.

Exercise 5.The following exercise will be a bit complicated. Try to remove the hands from the back and tummy of the child, while be sure to hold with two hands for his tiny legs near the knees. And still shake your crumbs.

Exercise 6.Mom will have to learn to tear off her own hands from the ball, while slightly raising the legs of her angel. Shake it so that the baby rests against the chest in a position on the tummy, and then on the back. In the first month of gymnastics, spinning and swaying on a fitball, you get used to exercising on such a simulator. And starting from the second month of training it is necessary to complicate the exercises.

Exercise 7.The kid should lie on the back. Holding the baby's knees, begin to slowly bring him closer to him, while the legs of the baby in the knee joints should be pressed to the tummy, and at the time of moving away from you, straighten the legs. Then complicate the exercise, alternately performing the same movement, first with the right, then with the left foot.

Fitball is an interesting and useful exercise.

Gymnastics for children on a ball up to one year old can be carried out in the form of “passive swimming”, as if mother or father are on the stomach. Do not be afraid to apply new exercises, experiment.Increase the amplitude of movements gradually. This article describes the basic exercises, but you can come up with other new and no less interesting positions and movements.

Fitball better for 15 minutes every day, after which it is very useful to splash in the bath. The results from classes will be obvious almost immediately. Your child will begin to get used to changes in the positions of his body, he will become more active, sleep and appetite will improve. Children usually like to play ball, so this gym is an important component of the emotional, physical and psychological development of your child.

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