Valentine's Day Drawing

Children's drawing for Valentine's Day will always be a wonderful surprise for a loved one. It can be used as a separate memorable gift, for the design of a postcard and even for wrapping another gift, if you put a picture on wrapping paper.

When thinking about what to draw on Valentine's Day, you need to consider that the picture should be interesting, but not very difficult. Therefore, it’s better to take a simple element as its basis - for example, the imprint of a children's palm, and using it to create a whole image.

Drawing for Valentine's Day

Drawing for Valentine's Day Valentine

For example, it is easy to turn such an imprint into funny bees and butterflies by sticking hearts of colored paper or foam board to it.

Figure heart butterfly

Figure butterfly from hearts

Crafts for Valentine's Day

Crafts for Valentine's Day

If a child already owns scissors, he can cut hearts himself, if not - help him by making workpieces in advance. Toy eyes give a special charm to such a picture.

 Pictures for Valentine's Day

Pictures for Valentine's Day

You can lay out prints a whole picture - for example, a charming flower in the shape of a heart with graceful leaves, a symbol of growing love.

 Flower from prints

Flower from prints

Or in love s swan - a symbol of eternal fidelity and devotion to each other. Such a picture for Valentine's Day can be presented to grandparents or parents.

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