Venetian style in the interior

Venice is an amazing country, its interior style impresses with its luxury, aristocracy, sophistication and refinement. In itself, this style is quite complex and, of course, requires considerable costs.

In the color design there are a variety of difficult shades. The walls are decorated with large mirrors. Furniture is large. It is mainly made of wood. It is necessary to have a bookcase, forged legs at the chairs, stained glass in the kitchen cabinets. - high-quality and proven furniture. Upholstered furniture can be silk fabric. The fireplace in the living room will be warmed by cold winter evenings, and ancient globes and maps of the world will give rooms more mystery. The floor can be covered with light tiles, and the walls - with plaster or wallpaper. All rooms should be spacious, original antique accessories are welcome.

The center of the bedroom will be a wide bed. The windows are hung with heavy curtains. The light source is a luxurious crystal chandelier.These items must be present in the interior of the Venetian style. It is not necessary to buy very expensive items from natural and rare materials, order them abroad, and wait several months. All these things are in stores, just need to spend some time and find exactly what will hook you and sink into the soul. The bathroom and kitchen are made out in white. As decoration there are columns, arches, mirrors. Bright tile in the bathroom - the main focus of the Venetian style. You can add large mirrors in antique frames, stone accessories and marble sinks. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom floor. On the walls in all rooms you can see canvases of famous painters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The walls are covered with special Venetian plaster, which is famous for its quality and durability. The Venetian style in the interior is suitable for those who put the beauty and luxury of their homes a step above their comfort and coziness. So you decide what kind of interior you want to see.

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