Vintage envelope with wax seal

In the age of e-mails, few people use paper letters to communicate. A loved one in the army, friends and relatives who are in other cities and even countries can be pleasantly surprised by sending a letter in a vintage envelope made with his own hands. To create a letter in vintage style you will need:
  • Two A4 sheets
  • Cocoa;
  • Thick paper brown shade;
  • Several shades of watercolor paint;
  • Wax hard;
  • Harness (or other dense thin rope);
  • Button (with a relief pattern).
The process of work can be divided into several stages: Making the effect of old times to the sheet in which there will be a text.To begin with, the sheet needs to be crumpled a lot, but so that there are no gaps on the paper. This is necessary to give the paper relief. In the meantime, mix a thick slurry of cocoa and warm water. Using cotton wool, wipe the pre-wrinkled paper with a cocoa mixture.Particles of what kind - powder will fill all the lines lined up on crumpled paper, moreover, it will give the letter a pleasant aroma of chocolate. To make a note of modernity, the edges can be painted with some bright color, for example, light purple. After the sheet is slightly dry, the edges need to be burned, which will give an even more vintage appearance and transfer to the atmosphere of the XIX century.  Tradition of the old-time effect of the leaf
Tradition of the effect of antiquity sheet
 To surrender the effect of old times to the sheet
 Tying the cord and fixing hot
 Tying with cord and binding with hot

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