Waving scarves of Rosa Khamitova

Fashion designer and designer () is always a natural materials. In her collection of handkerchiefs depicting bird wings, the girl tried to convey the mood of the wild world, and reflect the place of the person in it.

The artist lives on the Australian coast, but the tradition of her native country - Kazakhstan, she reflects in her work. Her work is filled with color and lots of small details.

About the works Khamitova say that they give their mistresses real wings. After wearing this headscarf, its owner turns into a fabulous bird with bright plumage.

On many shawls birds are really depicted, but the main accent is the wide wings. They glorified the artist.

The artist works with natural materials and develops each pattern on her own. Everything is drawn by hand, and then printed on a special laser printer. Buyers should not worry about the instability of the picture.

The girl depicts in her works majestic peacocks, restrained owls and even wings of crows.

The wings on the shawls are drawn in such a way as to look good in the straightened and folded state.

Sometimes the wings are just wings. A bird that inspired the creation of a specific work, you need to guess yourself. And you can just enjoy the great picture.

A bright accessory perfectly complements both everyday and evening attire.

Many consider such scarves an excellent gift that will emphasize the individuality and style of their new owner.

Lovers of birds and wildlife will be delighted! And someone will pay attention to the beauty of wildlife thanks to these colorful accessories.

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