We make a wooden knife

We make a wooden knife from solid wood. This knife can be used not only in training, but it can easily be cut.

Materials and tools:

  1. solid wood bar;
  2. pencil;
  3. saw;
  4. chisel;
  5. mall;
  6. vice;
  7. scraper knife;
  8. curved plow;
  9. sandpaper.

Step 1

Take a bar and draw on it a sketch of the future knife.

Step 2

Clamp the bar into the vice and cut the workpiece along the intended contour.

Step 3

Then we do all the rough work with a knife-knife. We remove the maximum amount of wood for them.

Then the workpiece is processed with a curvilinear plane. It removes thin chips, thanks to which the workpiece is brought into an almost finished look.

It remains to properly process the workpiece with emery paper. You can also sharpen the cutting edge with emery paper.

All thewooden knifeis ready.

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