We make new yarn from leftovers


I, like most knitters, accumulate leftover yarn. Throw out such wealth is impossible, so always think where to apply them. What can be made of yarn? Another yarn, of course 🙂

So, we sort the remnants of the yarn (in the photo not all) by colors.

From each glomerular crochet we knit an air chain. On both sides leave tails.

It turns out a lot of such ropes.

We take one of them, we put a tail in a needle.

Insert the needle at the beginning of another rope (blue), pull up.

We make 8-10 stitches on a blue rope. Then similarly 8-10 stitches along a purple rope.

Tails pruned. We continue to sew.

The ball grows 🙂

It turns out such a jolly yarn.

And such.

From it you can knit rugs, baskets and more. For a smoother transition of colors, it is better to add some matching yarn color.

Date: 08.10.2018, 14:23 / Views: 61172

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