Properly planning office space

A properly organized space of a modern office includes the ergonomics of workplaces and the entire space of the office as a whole. It is advisable to divide the space so that a person can work individually and in a team with the same efficiency.

According to experts, the best zoning of space can be achieved with the help of glass or plastic partitions. At the same time, the degree of transparency and the height of the partitions can be different. The installation of such partitions (both mobile and stationary) will not take much time, and the entire space will be divided into different compartments.

In each office space there are: office manager, departments for staff, reception, waiting areas and recreation. In many modern offices the traditional reception has been replaced by the reception desk. In the waiting area, it is advisable tobuy an office sofawith a metal frame and practical upholstery.

Often, in order to save space, the zone of negotiations and meetings is transferred to themanager’s office. The recreation area has aoffice sofa, a small table and a comfortable chair.

Unfortunately, most office space can not boast of large areas. Properly chosenoffice furniturehelps offset this shortcoming. Solve the problem helps furniture, made to order, allowing you to use literally every centimeter of working space. Mobile cabinets, shelves and other additional elements make the workplace of an office employee more convenient.

Color in the office

Usually, the choice of color does not attach much importance. And it is completely in vain. Color significantly influences a person’s well-being, his emotional mood, therefore, it’s impossible to let this issue go free.

Warm shades help improve performance, contribute to a good mood. Coldish tones create a business atmosphere, as well as visually expand the space. But pink color in the office is undesirable, because it creates an atmosphere of relaxation and laziness. Purple color is depressing.If people are constantly crowded in the office, a calm pastel gamut will make it possible to rest from noisy visitors.

When choosing lighting, pay more attention to natural light. The use of transparent partitions is not an obstacle to the penetration of natural light. If it is not enough, use the lighting of workplaces using sconces, table lamps, as well as lamps built into partitions.

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