We sew and fold furoshiki - the Japanese equivalent of our string bag. Super-replacement of plastic bags

Furoshiki are ordinary scarves, only stitched not from silk or cotton, but from durable synthetic fabric. By folding the handkerchief in one way or another, as a result we get furoshiki - a bag for trips for groceries. Thanks to different folding and tying techniques, every time you have a new bag on your hands! Furoshiki are common in Japan, where women do not use plastic bags at all.

See how many advantages there are in one thing: concern for the environment, saving the budget (one such handkerchief serves faithfully for many years) and a very beautiful “package” for trips to the market, which looks like an ordinary women's handbag! In addition, it is very roomy: it can carry almost any dimensional thing, ranging from watermelon to inkjet printer.Furosiki can be called a Japanese analogue of our string bag, only the external data of the first and second things are significantly different.

So, to sew furosiki with your own hands, you will need:

  • cheap synthetic fabric (thin but durable, not too elastic);
  • lining.

Sizes are determined by eye. The guideline is: furoshiki is a segment of square cloth. If the fabric is thick enough, you can do without a lining. If not (beautiful fabrics are usually thin), then the lining will have to be sewn. Edges need to stitch zigzag. The side of the standard furosiki is from 45 to 72 cm and may even be larger than this figure.

The square obtained from the fabric is then connected in various ways, in order to eventually turn into those Japanese furoshiki. We offer for review several schemes:

It is better to make a scarf a little more so that you can safely tie knots and end up with a roomy handbag for products. Tied and untied knots are very simple, which makes such a handkerchief bag really universal.

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