We sew cosmetic valentine

To sew a valentine cosmetic bag, you need to prepare one cut of red cotton (one-color and polka-dotted) with size 20x26 for the front side, one piece of white cotton into red polka-dot with size 40x26 cm for lining, non-woven, zipper, bronze carabiner and ring, as well as thread and decorative elements.
 need to prepare
Modeling the pattern.At the first stage, you need to build a pattern. To do this, draw two intersecting circles of the same diameter on a piece of paper (purple dotted line).
 cosmetic bag scheme
From the top of the intersection of circles (point" A "), set the perpendicular down, equal to the length of the cosmetic bag (green dotted line). From the point "B", draw straight tangent lines to the outer parts of circles, thus completing the construction of the pattern-valentines (red solid lines). The pattern shown on the diagram can be printed on a sheet of A4 paper in a scale of 1: 1 and cut out along the red contour. Preparing the details.Cut the red one-piece cosmetic bag out of red cotton and 2 parts out of white cotton with red polka dots.
 cosmetic details
details of cosmetic bag
Strengthen details from red cotton from the seamy side with flizelin.
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