We sew for half an hour a useful little thing for the kitchen from the remains of cloth

There is nothing superfluous in the kitchen of a good housewife. Each "gadget" is intended to help and facilitate the process of cooking and cleaning. The bag for vegetables also performs the same function - but not a simple bag, but specially made for this purpose. On each side he has ties for the convenience of the hostess. It can also be hung on the wall so that the vegetables are close to the working area, and at the same time so that the kitchen remains in order. Let's try sewing such a sausage!

You will need:

  • tissue residues;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors;
  • ribbons and buttons;
  • ties or clasps;
  • sewing machine (although you can sew and manually).

Let's get to work:

1. This stage can be skipped, however, thanks to him the bag for vegetables looks very nice. Cut out the appliqués, fix them on the fabric and stitch it.

2. Measure out the desired length and width of the bag, cut the fabric, bend it in half with its face facing inwards.Sew through the fabric to form a "sausage." Then fold the edges of the bag, taking into account the fact that further here will be strings.

3. Vdite gum, sew a loop, for which the bag will hold on the hook.

A bag of vegetables is ready!

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