Weaving simple baubles

Weaving a simple bauble - weave a colored bauble with a simple triangle pattern. Nothing complicated, the master class is great for beginners or children.

Materials and tools:

  1. cotton yarn (floss thread) of different colors;
  2. Scotch;
  3. scissors;
  4. two clamps;
  5. decorations.

Step 1

We take a thread of 5 colors and cut off 2 pieces of each color. We collect all the threads in a bundle and tie with a knot. We put on the table, glue the knot with scotch tape to the table top. We divide the threads in half (5 each) and have them symmetrically.

We start weaving on the left. We take the extreme (yellow) thread and tie a knot around the second thread, then the third (only 4 knots) and so on, until the yellow one is in the middle.

The same is repeated on the right side.

We connect the knots with two yellow threads.

Repeating what was written above with the following extreme threads, we continue weaving until the bauble of the desired length is obtained.

We cut the threads at the ends of the baubles and press the ends with the clamps.Fasten rings to clips and fastener.

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