Wedding glass decorations with plastic roses

Good afternoon, dear readers. In today's master class I will tell you how to decorate glasses using plastic and accessories to suit any solemn event, including weddings. The following materials will be needed for work:
  • Polymer clay for making flowers;
  • Glue, in this case it is better to choose gel-like;
  • Outlines, gel for making pearls; br>
  • Ordinary glasses
Stage one - creating roses from polymer clay. Of small pieces of plastic you need form peas. Size may be different, smaller for the middle of the bud, large for petals. Then, using your fingers, gently knead them into a petal, but do not need to be made too thin, as it will be inconvenient to work.
 Polymer Clay
Now you can start creating the bud of a future flower , for this we take one of the resulting petals and gently twist it,as shown in the photo below.
 creating polymer clay rosettes
After that, the petals are alternately added to the bud, their number will depend size of the future rose. In turn, it is necessary to add one cake, immediately after that, give it the desired shape. One of the advantages of plastics is excellent shape retention. But you should not do too fanatically, because the material is still soft. Thus, the rose is gradually formed.
 creating roses from polymer clay
 creating roses from polymer clay
The flower is already formed and ready, but a long tip remains, which is not needed for further work, so it must be cut off with a knife or blade. Please note that depending on the type of plastic, one hardens independently after a certain period of time, and the other must be baked in the oven or microwave. Details can be found in the information on the packaging.In the photo below, ready-made roses that can be used for decoration.
 making roses made of polymer clay
Stage two - decorating glasses For decor to better hold glasses, you need to degrease, for it is enough to wipe them with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol. If it is not at hand, you can simply wash them with detergent. Now proceed directly to the design of glasses. First you need to glue the flowers, to do this, a small amount of glue is applied on their back side, then apply to the surface. Given the fact that the glass surface is sliding, the roses should be held for a few seconds with a finger until the glue takes hold, otherwise they can move slightly.
decorating wedding glasses
After the roses are all glued, you can proceed to decorating with beads, the process is the same as with flowers. To keep the small pearls easier to hold, you can use tweezers.So that they do not crumble around the table, you can put a towel. At the final stage, using a glass contour and a gel to create pearls, we decorate glasses at our discretion, giving our own imagination complete freedom. Additionally, you can use rhinestones and other accessories, on the leg, you can glue a bow of satin ribbon.
decoration of wedding glasses

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