What are the components of true love?

Believe in man

First of all, to love is a verb, and this at least means that in order to form productive and correct relations, each of the partners is obliged not only to consume, but also to give. When this balance is disturbed, the quality of the relationship changes accordingly. Sincerely believing in the person with whom you walk hand in hand through life is almost the main ingredient of true love. Your colleagues may be disappointed in you, doubt your ideas and creative ideas - friends, parents will always slow down with fear, but all this becomes unimportant if the most important person believes in you very, very much. Sometimes it is not even necessary to put an idealist against the wall and explain what risks you may have in life because of the inventions of a genius, or to doubt that they will pass the interview for sure - this is superfluous. Much more important and, as it turned out, it is more difficult for many to simply believe in a person and be always near.

What are the components of true love?

Be together

To be like two drops, to have the same goals and views on the future, or to spend all the time together 24/7 is still not enough to be sure of the strength of the relationship. Have you ever wondered why there are so many couples where partners change each other? So, in these relations there is no main thing - in fact they are not together! Being together is an inner, almost unconditional need, as strong as a person's need for air. It is not measured by the number of hours spent together, can not be separated or long distance, but it gives partners confidence in the joint future. This means that you will not be chased by jealousy, the desire to poke around in spamming a smartphone, to be bored while the person is busy, or, even worse, get tired of it.

Get help and help

Assistance is a kind of energy exchange in pairs, where partners want to prove mutual importance to each other. The unspoken law says that the more a person invests in you, the more your value grows in his eyes. And vice versa, if you do not know how to sincerely give, but only consume, then you downplay the importance of your own union. The need for support is also verbal, when only your outstretched hand or response is sufficient.Roughly speaking, you only offer help, but this is already enough for your partner to cheer up and find the strength and energy in him. But the “trade-market” relations, where they speculate on the principle of “bash on bash”, have nothing in common with real love just the same.

Do not forget about tactile communication

Since childhood, we perceive this world through tactile sensations, get used to them and learn to discern the emotions of other people through touch. A newborn crumb can not distinguish colors from the first days of life and is vague to hear, but he feels love through the embrace of native people, kisses and physical intimacy. And although we grow old with age and become more restrained on emotions with the world, this in no way affects our need for intimacy with a loved one. Therefore, many of us begin to experience internal discomfort, sometimes sadness and even inferiority, if for a long time they do not receive a certain “dose” of tactile love. Of course, no one says that for prevention it is worth to torment each other with joint embraces during a night's sleep, until all the parts of the body are full, but here frequent kisses, hugs and even trivial strokes on the hand will necessarily make an important contribution to maintaining love in your relationship .

What are the components of true love?

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