What can a girl afford and can not wife

Test drive men

About a girl, you can say that it is permissible to twist her nose and nose capriciously in all directions, because she actually tries a man on herself and on the format of her life. He studies him far and wide, exploring the degree of his responsibility and the ability to bear male obligations - she also needs to be behind this man as behind a stone wall! And what to say, even cohabitation at the first stage of a relationship does not give any guarantees in favor of marriage, because the test drive of a joint, family life can be a man and not passed. It means that it didn’t matter if you cooked borsch yesterday and stroked the right shirts, but if you find some weighty and extremely unpleasant reason, you quickly packed your suitcase and are already free. Unlike his wife, who will have to handle even the most disgusting situation on the shelves, look for ways to resolve the conflict and often reluctantly go to a forced compromise.Suitcases can be collected in a marriage only in exceptional cases, in all others it is no longer a reason to part, but a problem that has arisen that must be solved, and preferably by peaceful means.

Spending on your favorite

While you are not married, tiramisu for dessert is paid exclusively from his pocket, and when you already wear his last name, straight from the family, often common, pot. A bachelorette can easily wish gifts and flowers for no reason, moan about going to the sea or at least a spa hotel on the weekend, feel free to report that you want a diamond bracelet and no less for a birthday and wait for entertainment during meetings, which, of course, also affect the finances - though not her. At the same time, the girl’s own savings, which are actively being cared for and being sought, will only come to her “beauty bank” in order to meet men's demand and always please others.

What can a girl afford and can not wife

But a married girl, although she can and should spend on her beloved, but rationality cannot but be present in her actions. Even one dress instead of four is already able to bring the cherished dream in the form of a machine, which the family has long dreamed of, a homemade pizza instead of a restaurant will save money to buy a laptop.Yes, and the mortgage has the ability to inhibit unbridled desires. But the indefatigable and thoughtless spending does not want to understand the spouse, on the contrary, can lead to a serious conflict, because the person continues to live as if in solitude and does not perceive the family as a whole.

Emotional support

While relations are only gaining momentum, people are trying to keep a relative emotional distance — not to burden problems, not to let in the depths of their souls. This is also natural, because, firstly, we are usually driven by the desire to appear more tolerant, kinder, more stress-resistant and calmer than we really are, and secondly, we don’t want to overload the partner so as not to frighten them out early. Therefore, life before marriage often seems easy and ephemerally airy - without serious problems, emotional recessions and depressions, if in life is not personal, but suddenly something professional goes wrong.

Marriage is a more sensitive and subtle matter, and if something bad happens, then the consequences of this affect all members of the family. Female energy is given for that, in order to rehabilitate and restore a man who is designed to be strong, stony and unemotional, in a comfortable home, for the next conquest of the heights for the benefit of, among other things, the whole family.It is in our native walls that we can all walk around without masks and demand the full value of love, care and attention from the second half. Families, where wives can only consume, complain that earlier “you were different,” or rather trouble-free, moving away from the problems and vulnerabilities of their own husband, sooner or later they find a scythe on a stone. And the husband in such conditions of misunderstanding always moor to a more tender pier. Ce la vie!

What can a girl afford and can not wife

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