What do the chartreuse cats look like?

Chartreuse cats have a strong temperament and need care. They are jealous of the owner to other pets, so in the upbringing it is necessary to choose the right approach.

Chartreuse cat breed

These pets come from France. Weigh representatives of this aristocratic breed 4-7 kg. Sexual maturity is reached already by 2-3 years. These cats grow slowly. Females reach their size by three years of life, and males by age five. These cats are strong and well built. They are mobile and energetic, sometimes the habits of a hunter appear. Representatives of the Chartreuse breed are large. In the photo you can see how they look. On average, these animals grow to 30 cm in height.

Chartreuse cats have bluish wool
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Features of pets of this breed are as follows:

  • eyes are yellow or dark orange;
  • short soft and silky coat;
  • ears standing high;
  • blue color of wool and paw pads;
  • big rounded head;
  • a short neck that flows smoothly into the shoulders and chest;
  • full cheeks and gray nose;
  • tail not fluffy, rounded off at the end.

The look of cats of this breed is serious, but they look cute. These pets have a thick undercoat, so they are adapted to life in cold climates.

Shartezy molt twice a year. They need to be carefully combed out, so people with allergies should not have these pets.

The nature of cats of this breed

The advantages of the breed include calm behavior and poise. Among the shortcomings of the owners highlight jealousy. Cats do not recognize other animals in the family and try to get rid of them. The owner should belong only to Chartreuse. In general, these animals are friendly and sociable. They are loyal and reliable friends for their family members.

These pets adapt well to relocation. They choose the most comfortable and warm place in the house, do not yield their apartments to anyone.

Animals of this breed do not like to be naughty, they are lazy and prefer to lie on the sofa.

This cat spends time with the owner, even if he is busy. She will not interfere, and calmly lay down next. To drive it away is not worth it, otherwise the animal harbors a grudge. Cats of this breed rarely defend their rights. They have a quiet gentle voice.

These pets are raised from early childhood, then they will not dominate family members. Otherwise, the animals do not recognize the owner and try to command. If a pet of this breed does not obey, then it is not physically punished, but ignored. Insult the owner is the worst punishment.

Chartreuse must be the only pet in the family. If there is no reason for jealousy, then the animal will always be in the mood.

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