What clothes do men like?

It is no secret that women try to look stylish and attractive not only for themselves, but also in order to win the attention of men. After all, the representatives of the stronger sex love first of all with their eyes. What are the elements of women's wardrobe most like men, tell you next. Take note.

I came, I saw, I won

This phrase may well be appropriated by girls, especially if they are well versed in the tastes of modern men. And to please them, in fact, is not at all difficult. Here's what should be for this case in your wardrobe:

Pencil skirt

Hardly anyone will doubt her sexuality. Strict, but at the same time ideally emphasizing the appetizing forms, hiding all the most interesting, while bestowing intrigue.

Classic shirt

Strict, but at the same time elegant image, attracts men. Some external coldness in this case gives the opposite effect - instead of repelling, it, on the contrary, attracts.

Skinny jeans

This is probably the most ideal thing, choosing the right one, you will constantly catch on yourself interested views. This piece of clothing perfectly slim and visually lengthens the legs. Skinny is the basic thing of casual style, which representatives of the strong half of humanity value no less than the solemn decoration in the form of a chic dress.

Backless Things

An open back, by the way, is considered to be no less sexy (and maybe even more) than, for example, bare legs in a frank mini. In such clothes, the main trump card - smooth posture.

Little black dress

Unchangeable classics, which was admired and admired by men. More than half of them, according to surveys, would like to see their companion at the evening reception in a black dress with a neckline-length cut.

But for women, the main thing in this case is to adhere to minimalism, because it is he who attracts the powerful. From jewelry - a thin string of pearls, from accessories - a small clutch.

Leather skirt

Some say that such things cause associations with the cave past of people, while others argue that men just like the smooth shiny texture.But be that as it may, leather skirts are really in favor. To this thing did not look vulgar, it is important to choose a pair for it. Ideal - simple cotton blouses or t-shirts.

Mini skirts

Enjoying the look of slender female legs in a short skirt is a pleasure. But it is worth remembering that the optimal length of a mini-skirt is slightly above the knee. Because you should not overdo it, and try to conquer a decent man, wearing a thing more like a belt than a skirt.

Things are red, white and black

Here they are the "right" male colors. If you wear clothes of such color, most likely, your companion will not even notice any flaws in the composition of the ensemble or the discrepancy of styles. But gray, beige and brown representatives of the strong half of humanity are considered asexual.


This is, of course, shoes. But it is she who completes the image. Therefore, it cannot be ignored. Heel - this is what men are crazy about. They instantly make the girl slimmer, more elegant, and even more self-confident. But only under the condition that shoes with heels do not turn a woman into a paralyzed grasshopper, barely hovering towards a man.

As you can see, nothing supernatural.Men with an enviable constancy prefer things that remain unchangeable for many years in a row. All that remains for women is to spice up the perfect image with a pinch of self-confidence, and no man can resist such a bouquet of charm. Be beautiful!

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