What color is spring?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
April 12, 2013
What color is spring?

Very often, the seasons are associated with some particular color. But if it is possible to say about autumn that it is yellow-orange, winter is white and blue, and summer is green, then it is impossible to be so unequivocal with spring. What color is spring? To understand this is very difficult. Perhaps a light-green or sunny yellow? Or maybe white and blue?

What color is spring

Walking through the spring forest, let's stop for a second, look around and listen. Spring sounds ringing voices of birds that are returning after wintering. She is unpredictable and impetuous, like a playful child. That pampers us with the caress and warmth of a light spring breeze, then frowns in the clouds in the blue sky, as if warning that the snow is about to fall again.

The forest froze in anticipation of the heat and is already preparing its buds for blooming. Light haze enveloped the forests: birch - pinkish, alders, maples, aspen and lindens of various green shades - lilac. Emerald spruce shade transparent colors of deciduous trees. And under the feet rustles last year's foliage.Her color is calm and warm - like cocoa with milk.

And through this warm, thick blanket, a thin but courageous sprout of a snowdrop had already made its way, which seemed to inform its white flower that spring had come and that winter would not return.

The color baton is picked up by the liver, in the rim colors, which can be found in white, blue and lilac colors. Periwinkle echoes them, and violet adds saturation to colors, bursting into a bright purple color.

And what a sky at sunset ... lilac-pinkish. The leaves are only pecked, but the twigs are already almost all covered with flowers.

But still everyone has their own spring. She is so - like the mood of your soul. Sometimes calm and monotonous, sometimes cheerful and bright. Maybe someone even faded and sad.

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