What do the most sought-after models eat and can we be like them?

French fries, pizza and ice cream are favorite dishes that they cannot refuse, but this does not spoil their figure.

All girls in childhood dreamed of becoming models. It seemed to all of us that it was simpler to be a profession and could not be: you walk all so beautiful on the catwalk or pose with a languid look and get incredible fees for it. Having matured, we realized that everything is not so simple, but to be a model is a real work. But the main question that bother everyone and always: what do they eat to be so luxurious and incredibly thin? And we tried to find out.

Gigi Hadid

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When Gigi was just starting a modeling career, she was quite a girl in her body. At that time, she was even condemned for not complying with the model parameters. As soon as fashion houses began to sign contracts with her and invite her to the podium, Gigi took hold of her body and began to lose weight rapidly.In part, this happened due to Hashimoto's disease (it affects the thyroid gland), so Hadid has to follow a special diet, but not as hard as it seems at first glance.

For breakfast, the model drinks orange juice, coffee and eats omelet with toast or bacon and eggs. At lunch she can indulge herself with a hamburger, but most often she prefers rucola salad. Gigi loves to cook herself, so she often cooks dinner for herself and her friends, and if there is no desire to cook, eat sushi.

When models need to urgently lose an extra couple of kilos, she sits down on green smoothies. They are excellent help to dry the body, as well as remove excess fluid from the body.

Emily Ratakovski

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A model with incredible shapes has long been in love with the public. And her pumped up press (everyone is still amazed at the strip on Emily’s belly) and elastic buttocks have become the standard of how a toned body should look. So what makes a model to be so luxurious?

It turns out that the model holds a balanced diet, which allows it to look so luxurious. Every morning, Emily begins with coffee, granola, and sometimes toast.For dinner, the star eats a salad or a sandwich, and if suddenly she is on the set, she is not averse to eating everything that catering offers (and there may be sausage and cheese, and even croissants). Meals Ratakovski likes to combine with vegan juice, such as beetroot and turmeric.

For dinner, celebrity can eat pizza or pasta in an Italian restaurant, and if she has a shoot soon, she can eat sushi, because she thinks they are less calorie-rich.

The model likes to cook at home, as it controls the amount of salt and sugar that is added to the dishes, which cannot be done in a restaurant.

Doutzen Kroes

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The owner of the steel press and the mother of two children for many years amazes everyone with her figure. She constantly goes in for sports, and also adheres to the special principles of nutrition. Mama Doutzen is a nutritionist, so she learned how to eat to be forever thin as a child. Therefore, she did not exclude sugar and alcohol from her diet, since she believes that this is her fullness. The girl keeps the classic food pyramid, which consists of several meals and snacks, but they should all be small.

She also has a special diet before and after workouts.For example, before intensive studies, they eat carbohydrates and protein — rye bread with nut butter, or yogurt and granola. After a workout, she drinks a protein shake.

Also, the model is not averse to eating french fries, but combines it with vegetables and green juice. She eats a lot of protein foods such as fish and chicken.

Gisele bündchen

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The model that hit the Guinness Book of Records for being the richest supermodel in the world can boast the most beautiful body. Giselle and her husband Tom Brady are on a full body diet. Therefore, their diet consists almost entirely of organic products: 80 percent of them are plant foods, and 20 percent are chicken, salmon, and duck.

At the same time, Giselle refused the majority of products that do not bring health to the body, but only give extra pounds. These include caffeine, mushrooms, white sugar, white flour, iodized salt, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and even fruit.

Despite such strictness in the diet, Bundchen still indulges herself, for example, she sometimes eats ice cream.

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