What does savoy cabbage look like

The stem of the plant, usually hidden by large and wide leaves, is tall. The leaves themselves surrounding the heads of cabbage are dark green in most varieties of savoy cabbage, less often they can be bluish, light green, bright green or grayish. Moreover, their size varies from large ones closer to the ground to smaller ones directly next to the head of cabbage. The leaves are very large and fleshy, with prominent veins and pronounced corrugation, very tight to each other and form a basal rosette around the base of the stem, which is also called simply a stalk.
Scientists find it difficult to name the exact time of the beginning of the cultivation of cabbage, which is currently one of the most important vegetable plants in the world. The Savoy variety was bred much later and is currently subdivided into the following varieties - early ripening with a time of 105�120 days (�Greenhouse Vienna�, �Ulm� and �English�),average with 120-135 days ("Sphere", "Krom" and "Tasmania") and later, 140 days or more before final maturation ("Blumental yellow", "Big yellow winter", "Utrecht yellow", "Vertus big" and Marceline variety).
The Italian Savoie county is considered to be the birthplace of the Savoy variety, from where the vegetable crop then spread to the USA, Canada, and Western Europe, in which consumers appreciate the excellent taste of this product. Cabbage of this variety, like ordinary white cabbage, can be eaten raw, as well as used for cooking soups, mashed potatoes and a large number of other dishes. In addition, it is perfectly blanched and fried.
Savoy cabbage is rich in vitamins and its constituent elements. These are the groups of vitamins A, B, C, E, K, the substance niacin, folic acid, and also magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese and selenium. Due to this beneficial composition, savoy cabbage is usually recommended by doctors for children under 10 years old and for the elderly. It can not only increase immunity, but also provoke an increase in appetite, as well as improve the functioning of the human nervous and digestive systems, normalize blood pressure and generally improve the composition of blood.According to recent research scientists, savoy cabbage can prevent the development of various types of cancer, thanks to chlorophyll, which is able to suppress changes in molecules in DNA and prevents the transformation of healthy cells into malignant.

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