What does the RZD luxury car look like? Photo inside

If you look at the photo of the RZD luxury car inside, it may seem that this is not a train compartment, but a hotel room. Not so long ago, the passengers of the Russian trains were presented a new modern class of cars, which has many advantages over the CB.

And it was he who until recently was considered the best at JSC Russian Railways. Undoubtedly, a luxury car gives you the opportunity to enjoy comfort on the road, so quality connoisseurs are ready to pay more for a full rest.

What does a luxury car look like inside?

The luxury car provides everything that a passenger can use on the road. No wonder politicians, artists and other famous people prefer it, accustomed to luxury and not experiencing financial difficulties.

The quality of a trip in a luxury carriage is expressed not only in equipping the train compartment, but also in maintenance. Guides to work with VIP-passengers undergo special training. Only having received the status of "Explorer 1 class", they can be allowed to service a luxury car.

As a luxury rail car looks inside, you can understand from the photo.

In the luxury car, Russian Railways has fewer windows than other cars, but they are much larger. Due to this, there is lighter and more comfortable. In addition, the luxury car is not a through passage, and the entrance for unauthorized persons is generally prohibited. A passenger gets a ticket for one name, so there will not be strangers in the compartment.

On a note! An inexperienced passenger can make a mistake when buying a ticket to a luxury car and purchase a CB, which is also with an increased level of comfort. To avoid this, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the letter "M". If it is missing, then this is a ticket to CB.

What is included in the luxury car?

Depending on the type of luxury class, the car includes in its composition of 4, 5 or 6 coupe. The beds are a large sofa bed, as well as the upper shelf. In addition, there is a folding table and chair. In general, the luxury car furnishings are comparable to the number in a three-star hotel.

Coupe railway luxury cars are equipped with:

  • video and audio systems;
  • wireless internet access;
  • the TV with the liquid crystal screen;
  • a bathroom and a shower with a warm floor in which cold and hot water supply is carried out;
  • air conditioning;
  • radio.

At furnish the natural wood of valuable breeds is used. The interior looks rich and presentable, which is immediately noticeable in the photo.

On a note! In the luxury cars on 4 compartments a bar is provided.

Daily passengers bring fresh newspapers and magazines. The ticket price includes meals. Hot and cold dishes are served for breakfast and dinner. The menu is quite diverse, which makes it possible to adapt to the different tastes of passengers.

On a note! Pets are allowed in luxury cars. For them, there is allocated a special place.

Types of luxury cars

It should be noted that the luxury class railway wagons can also differ among themselves. There are such types of them:

  • 1A- includes in its composition 4 compartments and a bar, in each compartment there is a bathroom, toilet, air conditioning, sleeping places, TV, access to wireless Internet, food included in the price of the ticket;
  • 1and- consists of 5 compartments, passengers are provided with a toilet, a bathroom with all the necessary equipment, air conditioning, a TV, a choice of dishes;
  • 1M- wagon for 6 compartments, each compartment is equipped with a toilet, wash basin and shower, air conditioning, TV, internet access, ticket price includes meals, various juices and tea - no restrictions;
  • 1G- the cars are equipped with single compartments, service and equipment are similar to the previous types.

In fact, the main difference between each type of luxury car from the others is the number of compartments.

Where are luxury cars?

It is not difficult to guess that not all luxury cars are included in every train. In the usual train this service is not found. As a rule, these are long-distance trains or trains targeting a specific market segment. It is clear how expensive luxury tickets are.

The cars of the highest comfort are not included in trains traveling through remote parts of the country, but it is likely that the situation will change somewhat. In the end, there will always be those who are willing to pay dearly for a trip with a high service level.

Video: what does the Russian Railways suite car look like inside?

Some wealthy Russians have already managed to take advantage of the comfort that Russian Railways offers in their luxury cars. Unfortunately, the ticket price for them is so overpriced that a normal passenger with an average income such a trip would be too expensive. In the photo and video you can see how the luxury car looks inside.

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