What dreams own death for different dream books

Let's see, what dreams own death. At first glance, this is a very unpleasant dream, but in fact in most cases it has a positive value.

Psychological interpretation of the dream book

Jung believed that death dreams of overworked people, as well as those who are in reality sick or suffering from pain. Also, the scientist said that such a dream comes to people who are at a crossroads, experiencing life changes. We can take this dream as a hint that soon everything will change for the better.

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what dreams own death
What dreams own death to different people

Miller interpreted death as a signal from the subconscious that a person had strayed from the right moral path, ceased to follow his principles. Also, this psychologist explained such an unpleasant dream that in reality a person rethinks his life.

Popular meaning of sleep

According to the mythological dream book, death is a symbol of rebirth.Such a dream should not be frightened, he says that a person is changing for the better.

Slavs believed that all dreams have the opposite meaning. So, if a man dreamed of death, it meant that he would live happily ever after. It is especially good if such a dream is a dream for a sick person. This means that he will soon get rid of his illness.

The modern dream-book also does not see anything wrong in the dream with death. This dream promises success and prosperity.

The French believe that their own death dreams of the disease, but frivolous and not fatal, so do not worry. Ukrainians associate a dream with death with the destruction of all that is bad in real life.

Interpretation for woman

For a young girl, a dream means that she will soon meet the man of her dreams. If she already has a companion, she will soon become pregnant. This is explained very simply. During marriage or maternity, a young girl dies and an adult woman is born.

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interpretation of the dream book
The interpretation of the dream book with death is more often positive than negative

If the dream is in the dream of a pregnant woman, it means that everything is in order with the child. Often such a dream is seen by ladies who were worried about their baby in the womb. Such a dream should calm them down.

Own funeral in a dream

If in a dream you see not just death, but funeral, then it means for you farewell to something significant. It can be both good and bad. If you participated in the funeral procession itself, it means that people around you acknowledge your idea, and you will receive the deserved respect. In addition, such a dream means spiritual liberation, purification from the negative.

Sleep details

Try to remember in detail exactly what you dreamed:

  • If you see yourself dead on the operating table, then soon you will receive a job offer. Agree to it, as it will bring you financial gain and moral satisfaction.
  • If you dreamed that you died as a result of a medical error, improper treatment, this is a warning that in the near future no one can be trusted at all.
  • If you were killed in a dream as a result of an accident and your body was severely crippled, it means that you will have to put a lot of effort to achieve the intended goal. If, on the contrary, the body is left without damage, then you get what you want, without the slightest effort.
  • If relatives mourn your death in a dream, in reality they love you and appreciate you, if they remain indifferent, in reality loneliness awaits you.
  • If you dreamed that a miracle happened, and you came to life, it means that you are waiting for the move.

If the details of a dream fail to recall, read the general interpretation of the first two sections.

Do not panic if you see death in a dream. Think about something good, read the interpretation and do not forget that this is just a dream and in most cases it does not mean anything at all.

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