What is a hierarchy?

Anna Surmina
Anna Surmina
August 13, 2012
What is a hierarchy?

Sometimes you come across the fact that despite the fact that the word was heard more than once, its meaning is not completely clear or not known at all. For example, you can think about what is hierarchy?

Hierarchy - the principle of organization of a multi-level structure, a feature of which is the arrangement of parts in a certain order: from the highest to the lowest. Thus, the lower elements obey the higher.

Being a word of Greek origin (hieros - sacred, arche - power) until the 19th century, it was used only in theological terminology to describe the organization of the church (heavenly hierarchy and hierarchy of officials of clergy).

Then the term "hierarchy" began to be used in the social sciences to denote the estate-class structure of society. And the theory of systems, born in the 20th century, allowed to use this term to refer to any multi-level systems, because in all spheres of reality there are forms that are organized hierarchically. Whether it is a social sphere, biological or inorganic.Also, the "hierarchy" denotes the principle of management in organization theory, the levels (tiers) of a language in linguistics, the tree (graph, constructed hierarchically) in graph theory.

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