What is clearance?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 15, 2013
What is clearance?

Some words in our life have acquired a clear meaning. And the majority of ordinary people do not know that there is another meaning to these words. For example, what is clearance? In addition to its well-known meaning, this word is applicable in two more cases.

  • In the medical reference book, clearance is an indicator of the time it takes for the body to self-clean and remove a substance from its tissues. Clearance is presented in the form of a coefficient, which shows this speed.
  • Play value. The word clearance is used in one of the varieties of billiard games called snooker. In the UK, it is very popular. When all the balls hit the pockets, and the table is completely free - this position in the game is called clearance.
  • And, finally, what is the clearance of the car? This is the distance from the road to the lowest point of the car, the central part. Another name for it is ground clearance. On average, in passenger cars it ranges from 150mm to 300mm. It is believed that the bigger it is, the easier it is for a novice motorist to master the science of driving, since this gap determines the freedom of movement on uneven roads.In addition, the height can be changed if this is indicated in the characteristics of the car.

We told the meaning of the word clearance in different areas of our life.

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