What is fashionable this summer: 10 culinary trends

Famous food designers and chefs presented a whole list of unusual and stylish dishes that will soon become real restaurant hits.

Black food - decadence and detox

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Black sandwiches, spaghetti and fruit drinks were popular throughout 2017, but even today they are happy to be ordered by customers of the most fashionable places in the world. In the summer of 2018, the recently appeared black ice cream is very popular. Perhaps a bit unusual in appearance, but very useful, because it consists of natural charcoal.

Pickled vegetables

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Yes, you heard it right! Grandma's pickles - one of the restaurant hits of 2018. At least, the BBC TV channel reported about it the other day. Perhaps the yazvenniki will not like sauerkraut and barrel cucumbers, but they will clearly benefit the digestion of all the others!

Farro Grain Dishes

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Increasingly popular dishes with the addition of Farro grains - a special kind of wheat with a nutty flavor. Farro is added to salads, soups, vegan cutlets and even sweet porridge.And it is also called "antipasti", advising to replace this cereal with rice and pasta. Served farro usually with cheese and tomatoes.

Salad "Poke"

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The most fashionable salad of the current season restaurant critics unanimously recognize Hawaiian salad "Pok", more like a well-pickled fresh fish than a traditional salad. Few dare to try it, but, according to eyewitnesses, the combination of tuna, octopus, sweet onion, ginger and garlic, seasoned with soy sauce and wasabi, exceeds all expectations!

Unusual Spices

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The National American Restaurant Association has made unusual spices among the ten fashion trends of the current season, because they give the dishes a new taste and aroma, surprising visitors again and again. Today, restaurants are increasingly using Moroccan, Thai, Japanese seasonings, the names of which for the average man sound at least strange. For example, sitimi, chervil, lovage, harissa and ra-el-hanut.

Hybrid Desserts

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Judging by the huge number of views on Pinterest, one of the most attractive desserts of the summer of 2018 can be called multicolored donuts with an unusual filling. So, in some of them, confectioners put ice cream, marshmallow mass and natural fruits in jelly.Bold, tempting and insanely delicious!

Green chocolate

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For an unusual effect, cooks invented adding Japanese matcha tea powder to white chocolate. The result of an unusual experiment terribly liked the sweet tooth. Now green chocolate is used in decorating cakes and pastries, as well as in everyone's favorite strawberries in chocolate.

Ethnic breakfast

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The International Ethnic Food Association reported that breakfast using old recipes this summer will be a real bestseller in many restaurants around the world. You can cook an ethnic breakfast at home: fry pancakes with coconut milk, add curry or piri-piri to omelette, slice home-made sausage or chorizo ​​and drink it all with natural juice.

Homemade Drinks

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Natural cocktails, fruit drinks and fruit syrups are back in fashion! One reason experts call a sharp "sobering up" of young people who are no longer interested in wines and brandies. Producers use fresh berries and fruits, as well as their own creativity in order to prepare amazing and healthy drinks.

Edible "tops and roots"

Another interesting trend of the season is the reduction of food production waste, which prompted cooks to use the roots of plants, their crusts, leaves, stems and other parts that were previously considered inedible.

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