What is fraught with early pregnancy

������Far from all pregnant women in adolescence are ready to become mothers, so the lot of most early pregnancies is their artificial interruption. According to world statistics, 70% of young when pregnancy occurs, about 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. And in about 15 cases out of 100 adolescents successfully bear children. To avoid an unforeseen pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the integrated education of girls and young people under 18, but also to acquaint them with the possible problems of young future mothers.

Complications of early pregnancy

Early pregnancy is often terminated due to financial distress, lack of completed education, support from a partner and parents. Teenage pregnancy that occurred between the ages of 14 and 17 threatens not only the body of the girl, but also the child. This is due to the fact that the future mother's body itself is in the process of development, for which the pregnant woman needs vitamins and minerals.During pregnancy, a significant proportion of nutrients will take the fetus. Therefore, girls under the age of 17 are physically hard to bear.
With teenage pregnancy, toxicosis, fetal hypoxia, and anemia occur many times more often. Complications relate to the threat of miscarriage due to a possible rupture of the uterus. Children born due to early pregnancy often have developmental delays, physical defects, and defects. Higher and infant mortality rates among teenage moms. It is also worth noting that during early pregnancy, babies are often born prematurely, with low body weight. Do not forget about the risks to the mental, physical health of the mother.

Possible consequences of teenage pregnancy

Traditionally, in early pregnancy there is a late registration of the mother. In most cases, in childbirth adolescents are faced with a weak labor activity. There is a risk of mortality of both the mother and the child.
Early pregnancy - it is also a misunderstanding on the part of relatives, people around, problems with social adaptation, future work. After an early birth, a mother may face the risk of uterine cancer, heart disease and vascular disease, and obesity.After all, it is not easy for an unformed organism to undergo hormonal restructuring, and for the mother to accept the situation, to tune in for a successful birth.

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