What is software?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 12, 2013
What is software?

Any device that has a processor and is able to execute programs (computer, calculator, microwave control unit, etc.) belongs to the information processing system (ITN). For this system to work, a set of programs and procedures are needed. In addition, there is always documentation describing the program. Accordingly, a set of software and documentation for SOI is what software (software) is.

By purpose, the software is divided into system (necessary for the operation of the PIO, for example, the operating system), instrumental (necessary for the development of other software) and application (programs that the user works with: games, office applications, browsers, etc.).

What is included in the software depends on the type of distribution. So, free (free) and open source software is always available with source code. Any user, if knowledge permits, can “look inside” such software and change it. Proprietary software (i.e. commercial) is almost always shipped without source code. That is, buying such software, the user usually does not have the ability to somehow change it.

Sometimes the software is distributed free of charge, remaining proprietary and not including the source code. So, Internet Explorer browser can legally download from the official source any user. However, Microsoft does not open the source code of this software.

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