What is the combination of a pleated skirt

It slightly increases the hips, so it sits perfectly on slender girls and owners of the “inverted triangle” figure. However, this does not mean that such a skirt is contraindicated for full-bodied women - it is enough to competently select a suitable cut. For the “apple” figure, it’s better to choose larger folds in order to avoid the feeling of “staggeredness”, and for miniature girls avoid skirts to the floor, which will make them even more like Thumbelina.

Although the popularity of this style reached its peak in the eighties of the last century, the pleated skirt is now again in trend. It is enough just to make a set.

Short skirt

It is very romantic in itself, therefore it is suitable only for young girls. To complement the delicate girl's image, you can use bright tops and blouses, a small handbag, and from shoes it is better to choose ballet flats or light sandals.

Knee-length skirt

It can be both from dense fabric with a smell, and from light flowing chiffon.Implies a relaxed image, suitable for working and school everyday. It is advantageous to complement it with pastel-colored blouses with a three-quarter sleeve length, a light cardigan can be thrown over and girded with a thin belt, or a neck scarf can be tied in suitable colors. An elegant watch with a strap to match the skirt can act as an accessory. Shoes fit on a small heel and a small leather handbag.

Pleated Maxi Skirt

Usually from lightweight material with a lining of the knee or along the entire length, worn at the waist or hips. The floor skirt goes well with many options of the top - T-shirts, tops, classic jackets - you can give free rein to your imagination and, depending on the resulting set, choose accessories and shoes.

There is also a style shortened in front - it is ideal for girls seeking to visually lengthen their legs.

Footwear and accessories for pleated skirts

Deciding to wear a pleated skirt, you should leave a minimum of jewelry - a thin chain, one or two inconspicuous rings and a non-attracting bracelet.

As for shoes - the choice is extremely wide, it all depends on the image created.Ballet flats ideally complement the casual outfit, in the office it is better to put on shoes or low-heeled sandals, for an evening set - elegant studs. The only thing that is not recommended to pick up is a massive platform and a wedge.

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