What is the dream veil?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 9, 2012
What is the dream veil?

The cherished dream of every girl since childhood is marriage. We all are fond of looking at beautiful brides in elegant dresses. And what is the dream of a veil?

As is often the case with us: a pleasant, at first glance, vision does not bode well for real. So in our case - the dream of a veil is an alarming sign from the love front. To a girl, such a dream foreshadows an unsuccessful love with a person who either will not be worthy of her, or there will be no possibility at all to be with him.

For the bride, who dreams that she chooses, chooses, and in no way chooses a veil, is a signal that her doubts about marriage are not at all groundless. If your veil is torn in a dream - the marriage will be happy, but, unfortunately, short-lived.

Why dream of a wedding veil to the rest? Anyone who has nothing to do with weddings and in the near future is not going to the altar, a dream of veil will bring good luck. Most likely, the desire you have conceived will be fulfilled, and soon enough.

If you are already married, the veil in your dream will bring good luck: the relationship to the family will improve and there will be a blissful calm and peace.

For those who have not yet found their soul mate, such a dream promises the speedy creation of a family. Do not hang your nose, soon there will be a holiday in your street! Perhaps your future spouse is somewhere very close.

If the veil dreamed of a man, then he should give himself more attention: his appearance and especially mental health. Most likely, lately you have had a very unproductive period in your life, and you have lost your temper a bit. Do not do this, otherwise you will not notice how you will fall into depression. Everything is sure to get better.

Have a nice sleep!

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