What does the hymen look like?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 18, 2013
What does the hymen look like?

The hymen is a kind of seal in the mucous membrane, at the entrance to the vagina. The size of the hole hymen does not change from birth. This means that the size of the hole in the chaff of a newborn will be the same when she is sixteen years old. But what she is, and what the hymen looks like, not everyone knows.

Type of hymen

As a rule, the membrane is almost completely transparent film, which should close the entrance to the girl's vagina. This film has its own blood supply, and for this reason, to imperceptibly damage it will not work. The hymen may have several or one hole through which the menstrual blood goes. If the hole is only one - then the strong pain during defloration will be much smaller. If several - respectively, a little more. The amount of blood to some extent also depends on the structure of the chaff, the thickness and intensity of its blood supply. All girls are completely different.

There are such cases when the hole is very large, or the shape of the chaff is not full (the so-called semilunar) - in these cases, when the girl deflorates blood does not appear, and pain, of course, is present. Incredibly, in recent years there have been frequent cases of the birth of girls without a hymen. Explanations of this fact the doctors do not find. If you are wondering how the hymen looks like in reality, a photo on the Internet will help you, on which you can look at everything in detail.

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