What is ureaplasmosis

Symptoms of ureaplasmosis

Symptoms of ureaplasmosis in women and men appear about a month after infection. In some cases, the disease may not manifest itself for several years, it will depend on the human immune system. The main protective factor in the body of a woman is the vaginal microflora (the normal ratio of beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms). If this balance is disturbed, ureaplasmosis begins to develop.For diagnosis "ureaplasmosis" using bacteriological, serological methods, as well as the method of polymerase chain reaction.
The most typical symptoms of the disease include: clear vaginal discharge, nagging pain in the lower abdomen, burning sensation when urinating, menstrual disorders, heavy and prolonged menstruation, bleeding, men appear white discharge at the head of the penis. Prolonged uncontrolled reproduction of ureaplasma leads to impaired reproductive function, which can result in infertility.

Treatment of ureaplasmosis

If an increased number of pathogens is detected in the body, appropriate treatment is necessary. A small number of ureaplasmas is not a basis for prescribing a course of therapy, with the exception of women planning a pregnancy or carrying a child. During pregnancy, the protective functions of the body are greatly weakened, and a small number of pathogens are sufficient for the development of infection. The infection does not cause malformations in the child, but may be the cause of miscarriages, early childbirth, feplacental failure. Therefore, ureaplasmosis requires constant monitoring and timely treatment.When a disease is detected in time, a pregnant woman is prescribed medications that can reduce the number of ureaplasmas. As a rule, a course of antibiotic treatment is prescribed during the 2nd trimester.
Since ureaplasmas easily adapt to the action of antibiotics, it is quite difficult to find an effective remedy. For this purpose, bacterial studies are carried out to determine the sensitivity of microorganisms to the active substance of the preparations.

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