What is Yoga-23?

Yoga is one of the oldest teachings, the knowledge of which began its existence long before our era. In the course of its existence, it has “overgrown” with a variety of types that differ in the time of occupation, the specificity and number of exercises, but have a single essence - the knowledge of the soul and the discovery of hidden abilities of the body.

New Current

Yoga-23 is a relatively young type of hatha yoga, which is a little more than 10 years old. Its author is a Kiev resident, Andrey Sidersky, who developed in 2003 a special system of exercises that can adapt to the individual requirements and characteristics of each particular person. The whole program is a successful mix of practices of hatha yoga, martial arts and various modern currents, which are dynamic and flexible.

The essence of the lessons

The training system of Andrei Sidersky is based on 23 exercises that have 5 levels of difficulty and different purposes. So, there is a special complex for group classes, individual trainings, training of instructors and specialized exercises aimed at training divers, special forces soldiers and even astronauts.

Basic asanas are quite common for those who are familiar with the classic version. But the difference from the usual hatha yoga lies in the fact that this set has been successfully adapted for the modern person who does not have the opportunity to devote enough time for physical exercise.

According to Andrei Svidersky, doing yoga-23, you will get the maximum result for the minimum period of time.

In addition, many techniques of conventional yoga are contraindicated to the European man with his features of the musculoskeletal system, so from all the exercises were chosen precisely those that will not only maintain the shape, but also have a therapeutic effect.

Features of yoga-23

To workout brought real benefits, you should know about some of the features.

  1. If laziness often overcomes you, then forget about this complex. Since the time of one lesson is small, then during this period you need to have time to do quite a lot of work. Therefore it is necessary to be ready for strong and active physical exertion.
  2. Special attention during the performance of asanas is given to breathing. These are special rhythms, based on pauses during inspiration and exhalation.
  3. Yoga-23 has no religious implication. This is an exclusively personal experience of a trainer and various techniques.

What is the result?

What is useful lessons on the methodology of Andrei Svidersky?

  • First of all, yoga-23 has a powerful effect on the psychological state of a person. Due to the fact that during and after class hormonal surges occur, depression disappears, the mood becomes better, and the state of health is more cheerful.
  • Secondly, well-chosen individual system copes with the maintenance of the form.
  • Thirdly, thanks to a specially developed respiratory system, the blood flow improves, the saturation of all internal organs with oxygen, which means that the regeneration and rejuvenation processes will not take long to wait.

Yoga-23 radically changes the perception of the world and its capabilities. She will give quick results even to the busiest people who devote a minimum of time to classes.

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