What popular flu protection has been confirmed by science

Popular recipes for the prevention of influenza and colds are very popular, but not all of them are scientifically verified. Before you give preference to the method recommended by your grandmother, mother or neighbor, you need to consult with the doctor, compare it with the features of your body or, at worst, read the reviews of those who have already used it. It has been scientifically proven that most of the popular methods of preventing seasonal diseases are the so-called placebo, the therapeutic effect of which is based on self-suggestion.


Popular recipes against influenza, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically proven

It is not necessary to start flu prevention when the epidemic began, but long before it - in spring and summer. Why? Because most popular recipes are "cumulative" in nature.


Moderate spot

The fact that sport has a positive effect on immunity is a fact proven by science, but it is important to observe the measure. Even the usual fitness classes, the intensity of which is brought to fanaticism, deplete the body, and no vitamin supplements will not give you back strength or restore immunity.


You often get sick in the winter and the question of how to protect yourself from the flu is very relevant to you? Begin to engage in the spring. No need to immediately swing and spend in the gym for several hours. 45 minutes on the treadmill is enough to strengthen the body's protective functions. However, you need to start with a quarter of an hour, gradually bringing the time to the interval recommended by specialists.


Cleansing the body

Influenza and SARS attack, first of all, those cells of the body that are least protected - the old ones that have lost their ability to recover and regenerate. They need to withdraw, replace with new, active and strong. It will help in this unique natural antioxidant - quercetin. Each of us can get the maximum amount of it, including tomatoes, green onions and broccoli every day. But one or two dishes will not cope with the epidemic, will not restore immunity.Try to eat these foods all the time to help your body get into the cold season prepared for.


Askorbinka - rescue from flu and ORVI

Vitamin C will work as prevention of influenza and ARVI only if you stocked it thoroughly, and did not start taking it when everyone around is already sick. Scientists from Germany have shown that a person should eat 250 mg of ascorbic acid daily, and this should be done year-round. It is not necessary to get it from food - it could be vitamins. But the advice of a doctor before such an “ascorbic” attack must be obtained - perhaps there are contraindications to the constant intake of vitamin C in the body, which you do not even know!


Garlic - myth or reality

Since ancient times, healers have used garlic as a powerful weapon to fight infections, including colds. But modern scientists have proven its effectiveness only in respect of staphylococci and Salmonella! But its antiviral properties are much lower. Ginger is much stronger in this respect - it contains several essential oils with a bactericidal effect. From ginger, you can make a delicious tea that will help protect against flu and ARVI.Moreover, its essential oils from contact with boiling water are many times stronger than all other preventive folk remedies.


But the strongest protection against seasonal diseases is vaccination, which can be supplemented with traditional medicine.

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