What if I have a panic attack?

Every person in the world, without exception, knows this feeling, fear and anxiety, which quickly fill every cell of the body, shackling the icy hand to the throat, making it impossible to breathe and think normally. Familiar?

This feeling can arise for completely different reasons, maybe you are afraid to take the exam, worry about the upcoming interview for a new job, or worry about a recent quarrel with people close to you.

Take care of the nervous system

Some people have their own phobias, that is, a sudden feeling of fear in specific situations that are very difficult to deal with. Someone is afraid of spiders, someone is tall, and someone does not tolerate darkness or confined space, in fact, there are so many kinds of fears that it is very difficult to list them in full.

But with such fears everything is clear, they at least have explainable reasons, but what about unreasonable attacks of panic, which can arise from scratch in an outwardly completely healthy and well-balanced person?

Recently, residents of large cities and cities have increasingly begun to experience such panic attacks, most likely due to the daily increasing rate of life, increasing tension and movement, constant obstacles and daily difficulties, as well as unpredictable emergencies and disasters, which, unfortunately , recently ceased to be a rarity.

It is believed that the concept of "panic" occurred on behalf of the ancient Greek god Pan, who by his appearance caused an insane feeling of fear and fear in people. If you believe in mythology, Pan - was completely inconspicuous in appearance, his ugly body and face was complemented by horns and long hair, bold warriors prayed to him before the battle to plunge his opponents into terrible fear.

Cry less

In modern life, it is possible to experience a feeling of fear without such a monster; hocks begin to tremble from this unpleasant feeling, breathing becomes confused, and the head ceases to think at all. Can fear or anxiety be called a negative emotion? Rather, yes, than not, because they can contribute to the negative outcome of some important situation for you.

What to do when panic attacks or fear occur, how to be able to keep yourself in your hands, because such flashes are really able to spoil your life or lead to failure in a certain situation?

Well, for example, you are going on a date, you are terribly nervous, because the young man with whom you should meet, you like very much, but you are not sure of his similar feelings towards you. And then the time of X comes, you meet, everything seems to be nothing, but the treacherous fear that has been sitting inside you all this time has shown its true face: thoughts are confused, hands are sweating, you start to giggle and twitch stupidly, causing a young man to be perplexed.

Go another situation - it has long been known that excessive panic and fear always play a bad role in an important exam or interview - all clever words instantly fly out of my head, everything I knew, forgot at the moment, thereby adding an unpleasant impression of myself.

How to distinguish between anxiety and real fear?

Two such close concepts that have similar symptoms, but still, are different, based on the nature of their origin. The main symptoms of both anxiety and fear are: rapid heartbeat,which occurs because of adrenaline produced by the adrenal glands, the muscles begin to contract spontaneously, porridge forms in the head - it is difficult to understand what is happening around, limbs sweat, and the lungs do not have enough air, the person begins to choke.

Sometimes the feeling of fear can be manifested by discomfort in the stomach, nausea and dizziness.

Experts have found that most people who are accustomed to contain most negative emotions in themselves - stress, nervous disorders, feelings of anger or aggression - are most susceptible to inexplicable and sudden panic attacks.

As a result, the accumulated negative emotions and feelings still find a way out for themselves, turning around for a person with various inadequate reactions and bouts of fear. Another factor that can be the real reason why fears or anxieties arise is the critical situation in which the person is now: the state of divorce, difficulties at work, the run-up to an important event, difficulties in the family, financial problems or health problems.

No one is insured

The feeling of anxiety - more often than not, has no real ground under its appearance; you can be alarmed when you expect something, but it is quite possible that this will not happen.For example, the feeling when you go to the exam, expect that you will get exactly what you have not learned. As a result, you pull out a ticket that you know well, successfully defend yourself and forget about your worries.

But fear is a reaction to a specific situation: when you come to the exam, you all-so pulled out the ticket that you absolutely do not know ... Fighting with a sense of fear is easier than with a sense of anxiety, because react to a specific situation, you can always find a way, like with fight her. But when there is nothing to struggle with, but the feeling of anxiety still eats, it is more difficult to overcome oneself.

How to cope with a feeling of fear or constant anxiety?

  • If a panic attack has come abruptly - the breath gets lost, attention is blurred, and everything around, as if in a fog - learn to stop. Count slowly to 10 or take a few slow deep breaths (their number should not exceed 12 pieces in 1 minute). The fact is that the respiratory system is closely interrelated with the cardiovascular system, so changes in it push for changes in everyone else.
  • Panic and anxiety are feelings that, most often, are inherent in women and children, it is associated with an unstable and vulnerable psyche.It is very important if such a feeling arises in your child, try to talk with him, let him share his fears with you, you will try to clarify the situation for him, to explain that he has nothing to fear when you are near. A sense of security and support always helps in such situations. It also relates to the fair sex, do not hesitate to talk about your fears - with your husband, with your mother or close friend, their own task is to support you, talk and, quite possibly, together you will find a common solution.
  • Many experts are convinced that such attacks of fear must be treated - for this they often prescribe a large variety of drugs, sedatives or psychotropic drugs. But here, the trouble, at the end of the course, the fears are back, why? The fact is that the reason lies deep in the psyche, which means that you need to fight with actions, not pills.
  • Try to overcome your fear with a sense of fear. You say what nonsense? Nothing surprising, so many fears “heal” often: go into a dark room and sit there for an hour alone if you are very afraid of the dark.Climb to the highest point in the city and look down if you are afraid of heights. Over time, mechanically repeating such exercises, the feeling of fear or panic will begin to recede.
  • Prevention of such attacks can be an interesting exercise: try to get scared at the moment when you are absolutely not afraid. You will be funny and not at ease from such a strange feeling, over time, your body learns to just as easily perceive real fears.
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