What do they wear to the wedding?

Wedding with friends or relatives is not a unique phenomenon, but it is not so frequent, and you want to dress with it especially beautifully. However, you should not give full freedom to your imagination: the wedding dress should follow certain rules that are recommended to be followed in order not to look silly and not be impolite.

About how the latest fashion dress for the wedding of men, it is written in the article How to dress for the wedding. We will tell you what to wear bridesmaids, witnesses and simple guests.

The main rules for choosing clothes for the wedding

  1. The guest's dress at the wedding should not be more elegant and more beautiful than the bride's dress.
  2. The dress should not be the same color as the bride.
  3. The dress should not be dark, only dark colors are undesirable.
  4. Do not overly bare: a very short dress or an impressive neckline will distract attention from the bride, and this move.
  5. Clothing should be appropriate for the season and be comfortable: at the wedding, you have to spend all day on your feet, participate in contests.Too close or long dress, tall studs are unlikely to give a feeling of comfort in this case.

Based on these rules and pick up clothes for the wedding. Read more about these rules in the article What kind of dress to wear for a wedding.

Choosing a style

When choosing a style of dress for a wedding, you should always keep in mind the bride: you cannot be more visible than her. Therefore, lush skirts, crinolines in this case is not for you. If you feel comfortable in a long skirt, you can wear a long one, but in general, dresses of medium length are recommended: up to the knees, slightly higher or slightly lower - to whom that goes.

Ideal for all occasions, dress-case, especially if the wedding takes place in the cold season. But, of course, you can choose another style: lovers of wide skirts can easily afford them.

Pants at the wedding are not very desirable, but acceptable. An elegant trouser suit made of fine fabric or trousers with a long, elegant top is a good fit.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid slinky styles. It is better to choose a dress with a high waist or spacious pants with a top.

Choosing the color of the wedding dress

At the wedding two colors are prohibited: black and white.Black - not to look gloomy, white - the color of the bride. But today, brides in fashion choose blue, peach, pink, etc. for the dress. colors. Therefore, it is advisable to know in advance what the color of the bride's dress will be, and in no case choose the same one so that you are not accidentally confused by unfamiliar guests.

If you really want to wear black or just a dark dress, you can take a chance, but with the condition: be sure to add bright accessories to the toilet. Fortunately, black is combined with almost anything.

With the "metallic" colors - silver, golden - you need to be very careful. Sometimes they can look defiant, vulgar. These colors need to carefully select and style, and accessories.

In short, it is best to wear something light: blue, pink, peach (just not the same as the bride), yellow. Can be red or purple. Colorful dresses are also not forbidden, but solid colors are still more elegant. The colorful dress looks especially elegant in the summer. Read more about what to wear to the wedding in the summer, written in the article What to wear to the wedding in the summer.

What accessories to choose

Accessories can be as a contrasting color, and in tone along. Bright additions to a little black dress will make it quite suitable for a wedding. For colored dresses, accessories can be chosen to match, and for colorful dresses - plain colors of the color that is present in the diversity of the dress.

Ladies are allowed to be at the table and on the dance floor with a hat. It will look very elegant and even original. Gloves can be worn if desired, but this is not necessary.

We already said about shoes: a high hairpin at a wedding is not the best option, because you will dance a lot. It is better to choose a medium steady heel or wedge. The color of shoes should match the color of the dress or accessory - cap, belt, handbag. Suede is allowed, but leather or lacquer is better.

A handbag is an absolutely necessary thing. It contains a lot of small things, without which it is difficult for a woman to manage: a handkerchief, napkins, compact powder and lipstick to refresh makeup, spare tights and much more. Only the handbag should be small, such as a clutch bag, elegant, in the same style with the other accessories.

If in doubt, whether the day / evening will be hot or cool, you can put on a jacket or bolero on a dress with short sleeves.

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