What to wear with shorts?

Now shorts are almost the most basic clothes for a girl both in summer and in winter. Shorts are fashionable, comfortable and beautiful.

Fashion is constantly changing and updated with new types of clothing. Now it is quite possible to wear shorts not only on the beach, but also for business receptions, and in the office. Whatever the event, for him you can choose the shorts suitable style. No matter what it will be - a beach party, a business lunch, a club event with friends, a corporate party or just a walk around the city - shorts would be appropriate everywhere! This is a universal outfit. It remains only to figure out what they are combined with, and what is not.

What is customary to wear shorts

Consider what to wear shorts with. The most common black shorts. Therefore, we will also talk about what to wear with black shorts. In general, black is a classic, and it’s like everything. You can wear any T-shirt with or without a print, a classic or plaid shirt, and lace tops. Here you can safely experiment, because black shorts suggest an emphasis on the top, which can be of any colors and styles, and the image will be stylish.Colored shorts can also be combined with any of the proposed tops, but it is important to harmoniously combine colors.

In the fall, a short raincoat can be combined with medium length shorts. It will look very feminine and stylish. It is desirable that the shoes should be in heels, no matter what it will be: both high boots, and boots and half boots, as well as shoes, and sandals are allowed.

What to wear with shorts in winter

If you wear shorts in winter, then it is ideal to choose a jacket, a short cardigan or a nice sweater. Under the shorts to keep your feet warm, wear thick pantyhose in black or flesh-colored. But if you like experiments, then you can try other colors. And do not forget about warm boots!

What to wear with denim shorts

Jeans has long since won first place among the favorite fabrics of both young people and the older generation. Denim shorts are relevant both in summer and in winter. They are completely unpretentious about combinations with other clothes. For example, if you dress a classic shirt with shorts, you will get a more serious and strict look. It is necessary to choose with taste what to wear shorts with.Photos that you can find on the Internet confirm the choice in favor of shorts. This is not only a universal option, but also a win-win in different situations.

Also, with denim shorts you can always wear either a cardigan or a jacket. All actual t-shirts with short sleeves or tops will be very relevant. On a date to create a romantic image it is better to choose light colored shorts and a soft pastel blouse for them.

Denim shorts of darker tones or black will look good with things of the same shade. And, by the way, the jeans top will look very impressive. Often girls prefer denim suits consisting of shorts and light jackets.

Now you know what to wear with shorts, so as not to look vulgar, but on the contrary, to be attractive and interesting to others. Shorts should be in the wardrobe of every girl, because they are extremely comfortable, beautiful and can emphasize the beauty of slim young legs! Pick up three pairs of shorts for yourself: classic jeans (for walking), bright short (for summer and parties), black business (for study and work). Only three pairs, and how many successful sets you can create!

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