What do you need for newborns?

In preparation for becoming young parents, you are advised to think in advance about what is needed for newborns. Do not worry, stay in the hospital - a common thing, everything happens once the first time. Today we will discuss this issue in great detail so that you are confident and not afraid of anything.

What do you need a newborn in the hospital

Hygiene items:

  1. Diapers
  2. Oil and milk for baby's skin
  3. Powder
  4. Sterile cotton for washing skin folds
  5. Wet wipes
  6. Towel


  1. Calico diapers (4 pieces)
  2. Bait diapers (4 pieces)
  3. Cotton print undershirts (2 pieces)
  4. Warm undershirts (4 pieces)
  5. Sliders (2-3 pairs)
  6. Cap
  7. Socks (2 pairs)
  8. If it is cold, a warm blouse on the buttons and outerwear on the statement, an envelope.

Be sure to write a list of these things in advance, let it lie at your most prominent place. Closer to birth, you should have everything purchased and prepared so that the trip to the maternity hospital does not take you by surprise.

The list that you need for a newborn after discharge

So, we prepared for the maternity hospital.Now we will think over and write down the things that will be necessary when you and your baby arrive home. Please note that these things will be needed immediately, that is, they must be purchased in advance. You can puzzle the grandmothers to take care of the washed and ironed things.

Here is a list of what is needed for newborns:

  • 3-5 kg ​​diapers - 3 packs
  • Easy calico diapers - 15 pieces
  • Warm flannelette diapers - 10 pcs
  • Light undershirts - 10 pcs
  • Warm vests - 8 pcs
  • Oilcloth size 80 * 50 - 2 pieces
  • Wet wipes (baby) - 1 pack
  • Light caps (caps) - 3 pcs
  • Warm caps (caps) - 3 pieces
  • Small scissors. Look for scissors with rounded ends so that you can cut your newborn's nails.
  • Bottle (250 ml) - 3 pieces in the event that the baby is bottle-fed.
  • Dummy - 2 pcs (preferably orthodontic)
  • Many people buy a bath for swimming, so as not to bathe the baby in a large bath.
  • Think about outerwear for a newborn depending on the time of year. It is needed for walking: jumpsuit, envelope.
  • Be sure to prepare a first aid kit for the baby.

We collect the first-aid kit for the newborn:

  • Potassium permanganate You may need it for baths with diaper rash.For a baby, potassium permanganate should be diluted only in boiled water to make a pale pink solution. The solution must be filtered.
  • Zelenka. It is needed for the treatment of the navel, diaper rash.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Nose drops from a cold. You can purchase Nazivin or Salin.
  • It's good to have Espumizan or Sub-simplex syrup. They are used for pain in the abdomen, with intestinal colic.
  • Paracetamol, a children's antipyretic, as well as an analgesic drug.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Cotton wool sterile.
  • Thermometer to measure temperature.
  • Warmer. It will come in handy in cold weather, for example, to warm the baby’s crib.
  • Small enemas (syringe).
  • Bactericidal adhesive plaster of different sizes.
  • Pipette They are simply irreplaceable when the baby needs to be given medicine in a liquid form for oral administration or some water in the first weeks of its life.

We remind the young parents, if you want your baby to have good health, do not self-medicate. Consult with your doctor about everything, all medicines can be used only in consultation with him. Do not store expired drugs.

What you need to buy for a newborn from large things

Immediately discuss the signs.Surely, many women believe that you can not pre-purchase, sew or knit clothes before the child is born. This is just superstition! Psychologists say that mom, getting things for the crumbs, is happy, she is feeling better, in mood, and the baby reacts to all this, feels her mom's mood. Let your baby feel that they are waiting for him with great joy. On the contrary, you will feel tension if something is not ready by the time you return from the hospital. Just imagine what a pleasure it is to pick up, slowly, a dowry for a newborn.

What you need for newborns at home:

  • Crib. Buy a good bed, because the baby will sleep in it until about 3-4 years. Well, if it is wooden. When choosing a crib for a newborn, look for the gaps between the slats to be at least 2.5 cm and not more than 6 cm, in order to avoid handles getting stuck and falling.
  • Hard mattress. Let it fit snugly to the walls of the crib, corresponds to its size.
  • Bedding set - 3 pcs. The quilt is not necessary, so that the crumb does not suffocate under it, the pillow is not needed for another year.
  • Stroller.There are transforming carriages, when it can turn from the "lying" option into the "sitting" option. And then there is the "classic". The choice is yours. Of the minuses: the “transformer” has a lot of weight and is not very good with maneuverability, and they are usually lower than the “classics”; while the “classics”, of course, do not have such advantages as a reversible handle, easy conversion into a sedentary option.
  • Auto seat. Choose a model from 0 kg.

What documents are needed for a newborn

First, on discharge, you take a medical birth certificate from the maternity hospital. Later, he will have to go to the registry office within a month and receive a birth certificate in exchange for this document. If the marriage is officially registered, then any of the parents can do it alone. Otherwise, you will have to appear both. In the registry office also receive a certificate for state lump-sum benefits. And in the end the registration and medical policy.

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