When does a woman love a woman?

Numerous works have been written about the homosexuality of the fair sex, analyzing the factors that may directly or indirectly affect a woman’s refusal from classical heterosexual relationships. At the same time, scientists argue that the nature of female homosexuality is much more diverse and complex than the male. We give a few basic reasons that can lead to the formation of lesbian inclinations.

Relationship with mother and father

  • Lack of understanding, attention, tenderness and care on the part of the mother - this is what many lesbian women are talking about. Girls who are deprived of maternal love in a more mature age psychologically try to fill her lack by searching for a female partner.
  • Mother’s denial of her feminine nature is also becoming one of those factors that explains why a woman loves a woman. Mother's dislike for herself, the rigidity of the mother's character, the masculine style in dress, hairstyle and behavior gives for a little girl an attitude to abandon her feminine essence.Like the mother, the child ceases to love the woman in himself and tries to renounce his feminine principle. The girl acquires the qualities inherent in men, adopts their behavior and attitudes, one of which is the choice of a love partner in the face of a woman.
  • Sometimes a mother or father can consciously or even unconsciously bring up the features of a man in a daughter. This may be due, for example, to the death of a son or unfulfilled dreams about the birth of a boy. In this case, the child from early childhood becomes accustomed to the role that the opposite sex usually plays. Because of this, at a mature age, she will choose women as lovers for herself, continuing to play a masculine role, or, on the contrary, will try to find in the image of a partner that source of female affection and love that her parents did not give up.
  • Often a woman loves a girl for the reason that as a child she had the image of a weak, incapable father who deified the mother completely obeyed her. In this case, the woman subconsciously refuses to perceive the male sex as a worthy couple and focuses attention on stronger women, as it seems to her.
  • It is also very common cases when a girl turns into a lesbian due to the fact that in childhood her father did not show love to her, he constantly criticized, explained that she was not good enough, clever, capable. As she grows older, a girl can begin to drift away from her feminine essence, trying to be like more talented, courageous and strong men - after all, from childhood she was explained that a woman is worse than a man. This means that as a partner she will choose a woman, since it is inherent to the male nature.

Complexes about the appearance

  • Many psychologists talk about the cases when a girl fell in love with a woman because of total insecurity in her own beauty and attractiveness. From such an early age they were imposed on such children by the idea that they were not as cute and cute as other girls. As a result, they had a feeling of inferiority on the background of sincere admiration for the virtues of their peers. They admired, enjoyed, and then fell in love with the beauty of other women.
  • Other women, against the background of negative perception of their appearance, on the contrary, began to despise their feminine essence, which could not compete with the beauty of other women.They adopted men's habits, tried to make their appearance as close as possible to the features of a man. In parallel, copied and sexual attraction to a woman.

Of course, not always deprived of parental love or ugly girls become lesbians. This requires the coincidence of a number of factors, which no expert today can name an exact list, because the human psyche and brain are not fully understood.

Homosexual tendencies can manifest themselves both in the period of sexual formation (18-25 years) and much later. Sometimes a woman even creates a normal heterosexual family and only years later realizes why she is uncomfortable in this relationship.

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