Where can not let a dressed person?

September 4, 2012
Where can not let a dressed person?

It would seem that the question is absurd. A dressed person is his normal state (for the most part, we will not cling to words). It seems that the question is erroneous and it is a man who is naked. But no. All right, you just have to think. Let's argue together where a dressed person might not be allowed to go.

  • For example, in a sauna or bath (again, we will not lazy about the fact that they enter there first in clothes, etc.).
  • In the booth fluorography, most likely dressed, too, will not be allowed.
  • On the operating table or in the office for the procedure of quartz treatment.
  • A dressed person may not be allowed to go to the theater or honey. cabinet, if you consider a dressed person in outerwear.

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