Where is the Altai Territory?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
April 25, 2015
Where is the Altai Territory?

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Altai region

Altai Krai is a small homeland for many cultural figures. The names of Shukshin, Zolotukhin, Evdokimov, Pyryev and other prominent personalities are associated with these places. Altai is also famous for its nature, which people come to contemplate from many other regions and cities.

Where is this amazing and protected Altai region? Altai Territory is located in the south-eastern part of Western Siberia. From the point of view of relief, it has two components: mountain and plain. The first is represented by the Sayan Mountains, the second by the West Siberian Plain. The Sayan Mountains are located in the east and south of the region. The plain parts are concentrated mainly in the west and in the center. This makes the Altai Territory rich in natural areas, which are represented by steppes, forest-steppes and taiga.

Also on the territory of Altai there are many water bodies, in particular, rivers. This fact attracts tourists interested in water and mountain alloys. It is worth noting that in these places it is also dangerous, since the mountain rivers of Altai are very unpredictable in their behavior.The main waterway of the region is the Ob River, the length of which is more than one hundred kilometers. Local places are also rich in groundwater, which not every region can boast.

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