Where to go at night?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
July 7, 2012
Where to go at night?

People are known to be all different. Someone prefers to sleep at night, and someone is the so-called "owl", and the activity of such a person reaches its peak at night. Let's talk about where to go at night and how to brighten up your leisure time.

Paid night entertainment

Of course, the most banal option (but not the worst) would be a nightclub. There you can dance, drink and make new acquaintances. In addition, in each city there are interesting bars that work around the clock.

But where can you go at night if clubs and bars do not interest you at all? Do not despair, the main thing is fantasy and ingenuity. If next to you is the same as you, "owl", you can go to the midnight session in the cinema. Not in all cities, but there are such observatories, which for payment provides the service of viewing the night sky. There are botanical gardens in which part of the beautiful flowers bloom at night (for example, the famous cactus Queen of the Night), you can go there by finding out the number of such events in advance.

Also in several large cities of Russia you can find paintball clubs that organize paintball games at night with night vision devices. You can imagine how much more interesting this process is than during the day.

If you live in Moscow, you can go to the museum, despite the late hour. Bulgakov House is open until 23.00. For example, once this museum organized a romantic night walk in the footsteps of the famous novel “The Master and Margarita”. The tour was by bus and took place from one in the morning until six in the morning.

Free night entertainment

At night, you can, for example, walk through the park. Yes, it sounds really strange, but if one is careful and avoids the possible groups of dangerous people, one can enjoy the feeling of peace and harmony with nature in the night park. Some, by the way, prefer even a walk through the night cemetery.

At night, you can also organize yourself another almost free entertainment. Together with your beloved one, climb onto the roof of the house, take champagne with you and meet the dawn. But be extremely careful and do not look down. Ensure yourself and your soulmate maximum security.

In a pinch, you can just walk through the night city. It is possible to decorate such a walk by launching a burning flashlight into the sky, which has become very fashionable lately.

We hope that our article has helped you decide where to go at night.

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