Where to transfer money for storage

First of all, choose a bank where you will transfer money to storage. It is believed that Alfa-Bank provides the best opportunities for operations with electronic money, VTB will support with lending, and Sberbank has the most developed ATM network. You can ask friends for advice.
There is another strategy - to choose not a bank, but a profitable contribution. True, the interest rate of deposit accounts does not differ much from most popular financial companies. Keep in mind that your real profits can be seriously curtailed by inflation. The highest interest rates are usually offered by small banks (in order to attract customers). But in this case, the quantity is worse than quality - half a percent is associated with a greater risk, and more often with a small number of offices of a small bank.
Come to the bank, tell the manager about the desire to open a deposit account. Ask about the pros and cons of the deposit of interest, withdrawal conditions in your bank and its affiliate network.You will need to present your passport, fill out documents and deposit the amount to the account (the minimum deposit in each bank is your own).
Keeping money in foreign currency has its advantages. Dollars and euros have a firm course, are accepted for payment in all countries of the world. Therefore, a deposit in foreign banknotes can increase ruble capital. When exchanging, choose the most profitable exchange office that does not charge additional fees. The average interest rate on foreign currency deposits in Russia is 3-5% per annum.
Connecting Internet banking services may be useful if you receive payments more often 5-10 times a month. Then a regular trip to the ATM takes you more time. The cost of the service can range from 50 to 100 rubles (depending on the bank).
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Be careful if the bank will offer you to participate in the action. Sudden profits can be minimal, and the “bonus” contribution is inconvenient. Read the entire text of the contract yourself.

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