Which lamp to choose for a chandelier

If you have already decided on the choice of luminaire for your room and are sure that this option is the most suitable, then it is time to pay attention to the light sources that are used in lighting fixtures. This important detail noticeably affects not only the general atmosphere of the room, but also the service life of the illuminant. No matter how much the lamps and chandeliers differ from each other, for them bulbs have a certain number of varieties. So what are the pros and cons we get when choosing a lamp of a certain type?

Incandescent bulbs

Perhaps this option is the oldest and currently lost its relevance for several reasons. Firstly, these products are very uneconomical - large electricity consumption with a small light output. In addition, they do not last long. Secondly, excessive surface heating is incompatible with many types of chandeliers and quickly disables them.The only advantage of this product is in the "yellow" light, which creates a feeling of a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Halogen bulbs

Such products have a fairly high efficiency and are much more durable than conventional incandescent lamps, although they are a modification of them. They differ from ordinary incandescent bulbs in that the flask contains halogen gas, which prolongs the life of the lamp. Halogens have higher color output. The disadvantages include increased heat, which can cause fires, toxicity, as well as lamps require a certain handling of them - do not touch the glass with your fingers, this will cause the lamp to immediately burn out.

Fluorescent light sources

Today, this option is the most popular, as it significantly exceeds the types described above in its characteristics. In addition to high efficiency, fluorescent lamps for chandeliers have a long service life. The disadvantages of this type of lamp can be attributed only to the white glow, which not everyone will like.

LED Light Bulbs

The last available view, and the most economical, is significantly more expensive than its counterparts. Among the advantages of LED lompochek can also be noted a pleasant range of light.Unfortunately, there are not many lamps working on light-emitting diodes.

When choosing lamps, proceed, first of all, from your feelings: someone will want to neglect the savings in favor of a cozy, “warm” light, while others prefer a brightly lit room. But do not forget that each lighting device may have its own technical requirements, according to which only a certain type of lamp will fit it.

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