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The first lip gloss appeared in 1932. The world was discovered by the genius Max Factor, who invented almost half of modern decorative cosmetics - from foundation to eyebrow pencil. Nearly eighty years have passed, and lip gloss still has not lost its relevance. We will understandhow to choose the best lip gloss. The lip gloss made by Max Factor was sold up to 2003.The secret of their longevityIt consisted of: the ingredients of the first gloss were vegetable oils and natural dyes. They not only gave lips an appetizing look, but also cared for their thin and vulnerable skin.Modern shinedo not always repeat the composition of their progenitor, and this can harm the lips. Therefore, when choosing a suitable product, make sure that it contains as many vegetable oils as possible, vitamins A, E and B, as well as moisturizing ingredients and SPF. Such a product will not only make lips more seductive, but also slow down the process of their aging, and also protect against UV light. Will considermain types of lip gloss, find out which one is best for you.


Types of lip gloss, which is better:



Moisturizing. The main components of lip gloss are oils, fats and moisturizers. It is well absorbed, creates a protective film that prevents lips from drying out and makes them more flexible. Such brilliancelast longerand createlongEffectwet lips.

With flickering particles.Multicolored glitter visually make the lips much larger.

Increasing volume. Various additives (for example, menthol or ginger extract) create a sensation of coolness or tingling, visually enlarging the lips. The effect lasts for several hours, after which you need to shine again.

FROMherbal ingredients. They take care of the protection of the skin of the lips from weather factors, its nutrition and softening. Usually contain such types of vitamins as A and E.

With perfume. They have a pleasant aroma, often fruit, flower, berry or caramel.


Lip gloss brands:



GUERLAIN- Ultra-gloss intensively moisturizes lips, easy to apply and gives a feeling of comfort.


SHISEIDO- Fluorescent gloss with special particles provides the lips with a unique shine and volume.


CLARINS- Gloss Appeal moisturizing shine smoothes and protects lips, allowing them to look fuller.


LANCOME- Gloss is equipped with a convenient applicator that will help to perfectly repeat the shape of the lips.


ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color- Perfectly softens lips and gives them a stunning radiance.


YVES SAINT LAURENT- Thanks to the brush, the gloss is applied evenly and clearly, making the lips bright and tender.


CLARINS- Glitter BalsamColor quenchhas a light texture, tints lips and has a pleasant fruity aroma.


DR. PIERRE RICAUD PARIS- Sparkling gloss perfectly keeps, does not spread and cares for skin of lips.


MAX FACTOR- ShineVibrant Curve Effectmakes lips more voluminous, radiant and sensual.


AMWAY- Non-sticky shinebeautycyclesoftens lips thanks to extracts of aloe, pomegranate and vitamins A and E.


L’OREAL PARIS- Moisturizing shineGlam shinegives brightness and creates the effect of moist lips.


EVELINE- ShineJungle showintensively moisturizes the lips, making them smooth and shiny.


ORIFLAME- Lip glossVery Me Oh My Glossgives lips a delicate shade and seduces the aroma of juicy fruits.


Rimmel- Stay Glossy keeps on lips more than six hours, keeping mirror shine saturated steady color.

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