Whirl Pendant Light

Suspended luminaire Whirlis a simple and easy way to make a cute luminaire from scrap materials: cups and paper strips. Everything is simple and easy! The main thing is not to use incandescent lamps for such a lamp - this is important!

Materials and tools:

  1. two paper cups (of any size);
  2. A3 paper;
  3. ruler and pencil;
  4. office knife;
  5. hot melt gun;
  6. super glue;
  7. meter.

Step 1

Cut a piece of paper into stripes 3.6 x 42 cm. A total of 13 strips. From them we will make the lampshade.

Step 2

Cut the bottom of the glass with a cross. Inside the glasses insert the base with a lamp, pass the wire through the bottom. We glue the cuts with hot melt glue gun.

Everything,   lamp The vortex is ready.

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:58 / Views: 52234

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