Why dream of a big turtle

Since ancient times, the turtle has symbolized wisdom, longevity, constancy in character. It is also associated with cunning, deception. Her appearance in a dream was considered both a bad and a good sign, it all depended on under what circumstances she was dreaming.

Summer dream

To dream of a turtle on this dream book to trouble because of the unrestrained promise of a person you trust.

Autumn dream interpretation interprets - a big turtle means that you have a big debt and you need to pay it off as quickly as possible.

People's Dream Book

Such a dream book means that you are too slow and slow, which will lead to problems in business. Perhaps your colleague or companion is a real bummer, and problems will start because of him. Thanks to the interpretation, it is possible to find out what dreams the turtles, many small and large individuals. They mean a long and happy life, a big family. They also symbolize your indecision, maybe even cowardice in front of obstacles. Take yourself in "hands", and boldly get down to business.

Success with diligent work will be provided. Cook and eat turtle soup - you will participate in dubious entertainment. If you feed a turtle, pay attention to which side you are on. It is necessary to support someone who really needs your help, and not to spend money and time on a dubious person. Also here you can find out what dreams of small turtles. These are obligations, debts that can accumulate in a very heavy amount and it will be difficult to repay them.

Female dream book

In the interpretation of the female dream book there is an answer to the question - “What dreamed of turtles in the water?” Watching turtles in a pond is a warning. Have patience and wisdom to steadfastly endure the moment of waiting. Only restraint will allow to wait for the desired results. In a dream, the animal hides its head under the shell - you expect a quiet, measured and happy family life.

In the house there will always be comfort and complete harmony of relationships with relatives, the second half, friends. A dream in which the tortoise is trying to grab onto the legs of the birds to soar with them - you are too arrogant. Your neglect of wise advice can play a cruel joke. In the recommendations of experienced people lies the way out of a difficult situation.If you have a lot of turtles, you can rejoice. There is a long and happy life ahead, a full cup house, many children and wealth.

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