Why am I so sick?

When a person has grief, when he faces serious problems or is unwell, he feels bad. However, the question �Why am I so bad?� Is often asked by people who do not understand the reasons for their condition, who suffer from mental pain and discomfort for unknown reasons.

Psychological crisis

A psychological crisis is one of the common causes of mental discomfort. The fact that only yesterday pleased the person today seems to him dull and boring, he is acutely aware of the meaninglessness of everything that is happening, even the closest people annoy him, I want some changes, but there is no power to change anything.

A psychological crisis is a natural state of a person, and overcoming it allows you to rise to a qualitatively different level of development, most importantly, to understand �why I am so bad�, recognize my internal problems and find ways to solve them.


Like a psychological crisis, depression can develop against the background of external well-being or even success. It would seem that a person has a good family, prestigious work, true friends.And he does not feel the joys of life.

Depression can develop against the background of psychological problems, for example, in cases where a person has not been able to safely get out of the crisis. Also common are depression caused by physiological causes. For example, in case of a metabolic disorder, a hormone of joy can be produced in an insufficient amount - serotonin, a person becomes depressed, and he cannot understand �why it is always bad for me�.

Depression is a serious disease, it is against its background that suicidal thoughts appear, therefore, with signs of depression, it is worth contacting a specialist.

I feel bad because I feel better

In psychology, there is the concept of "secondary benefit". It characterizes the phenomenon when a person gets some benefit from his ailments. For example, phobias often allow people to use the increased attention of others, and if the disease passes, then they automatically lose this attention.

This phenomenon is often observed in people who are all the time bad. People who ask themselves the question �Why is it always bad for me?� Are often really affected, but subconsciously themselves are looking for a reason to suffer.They often get into unpleasant situations, they are surrounded by unpleasant people, they are often cheated in stores, etc.

This type of behavior is often chosen in order to fill the inner void. Suffering is an event, albeit a negative one, but at least the suffering person feels alive.

Sometimes suffering is a subconscious device for attracting attention to oneself, receiving some benefits, etc. In this case, the person is afraid that if he does not suffer, he will simply become uninteresting to the people who surround him and support him in his misfortunes.

What if you feel bad

Try to analyze the causes of your condition, to understand your thoughts and feelings. Try to understand whether there are really reasons for what is bad for you, or are these emotions and feelings caused by your negative thoughts?

Find an opportunity to tell someone what you feel. If you do not have a person to whom you can fully open, do it anonymously, for example, on an Internet resource.

And learn to notice the good in your life. The world is dual - each event has two sides, and all our problems allow us to gain new experience, to become stronger and more mature.

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