Why men quickly lose interest

Reason number 1: "Without me they married me!"

He was frightened off by your too obvious desire to marry. There are girls who are very dreaming of marriage - to find the one with whom you can build a family by stone. Therefore, it is worth noting about something else-not-suspecting candidate only to appear on the horizon, as he immediately receives the status of a potential husband. Nice, broad-shouldered, there is work - consider, everything, the candidate passed all the tests. And all the other qualities and virtues of a potential bride will be ascribed to him by herself: in her eyes he is both kind, decent, and caring, and in all respects it can be seen that he will be a great father.

This situation is a comical picture, where the hunter just polished his gun, look - and the game, having fallen from the sky, has already cleaned itself of feathers, hit the skewer, and how let's grill.
A man ambitious and strong-willed from such a girl will run away without looking back. He obviously didn’t have time to fall in love, and you didn’t give him a chance, and the pressure would break him right away - there is no place for two tractors in one house.

Reason 2: “Early Loyalty”

It happens that the girl is trying to seize the initiative in the later stages of the relationship, when they seem to have even embraced the cinema and walked by the hand, and therefore it is already possible to feel the hostess. “Vanya, I’m yours forever,” she admits to the man of her dreams, and it begins: she calls him constantly and copes about his health every five minutes, and God forbid he accidentally cough into the phone - she is right there on the threshold of his work with a syrup and hot chicken broth will appear. In this case, likes and subscriptions in his social networks are following, commenting on his photos exclusively with hearts and signatures “my”. It advertises relations in all accessible ways, sometimes including jealousy and vigilance - the same early. And at the same time loudly refuses to all other potential fans, telling the betrothed: “I made my choice long ago, and you?”

Why men quickly lose interest

The syndrome of early fidelity by men feels like a tie tightened around the neck: a potential candidate feels for going to the registry office with all the fibers, as they are trying to drag him into something very serious, extremely responsible and therefore frightening. Uncontrolled pressure - the selection of personal territory under the slogan "We" instead of "I" - is too contrasting.The girls now are not made out of fluffy kittens, if necessary - even from under the rolled up asphalt they will be taken to the bomb shelter, where the phone does not catch. And now she collapses on him with all her weight and ambitions of his future wife: shame on you, I’m doing everything for you, and you’re not ready for a serious relationship?

Reason number 3: "Red zone of relations"

Fall asleep in the arms with the phone, instantly respond even to stupid smileys and be always ready - another mistake that girls often make. They leave for the red zone "only you breathe with one breath" and forget that the life of the usual order is flowing around - with matters that are mandatory for execution. But I really want to be in 24/7 mode next to him, so she cuts off boldly fitness, meetings with friends, a movie with her mother and sits waiting for another date.

But the man is not such a dedication inherent. He never changes his usual plans, and the pink fog of romance easily accelerates priorities, realizing that there will be time - we will meet, what's the problem?

Why men quickly lose interest

The outcome of such a love story is quite predictable. The choice is for the one that is not enough, as if she was sitting on the phone for a whole day, for the one she was ignoring, because she’s chasing or skiing on skis.

So how do you behave?

You should not lay the rails on your own, and even to the detriment of yourself, so that the lazy locomotive can travel along them. Your task is to sit in the car in complete comfort and show the way, and the man himself should think how to quickly cut the forest, put the rails and bring you to your destination, so that you agree to go on life together.

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