Why do women choose Victoria’s Secret? (14 pictures)

Victoria's Secret is not just the most famous and popular company selling lingerie and swimwear, it’s a real life story, a brand that doesn’t require any confirmation, because any woman who knows it and wants it should pay attention to "Hiding" under the clothes.

The main motto of the brand is “a luxury that is available to everyone,” it is believed that any girl with an average income can afford a set of famous brand's lingerie, but the trick is that Victoria’s Secret underwear is always more elegant and sexy than any other.

Real beauties

The task of the company is to develop in a woman courage and self-confidence, increase self-esteem and the discovery of their own sexuality. Even “every day” sets do not look like a gray mass of panties and bras, they surprisingly combine comfort, simplicity and elegance, each with its own unique style.

Few people know that Victoria Secret is not limited to the release of underwear and swimsuits, for a long time - this is a huge selection of women's clothing, incredible pajamas and peignoirs, soft toys, perfumes and even shoes!

Real angel

What is the secret of such a well-known American brand, how did it happen that the subject of the lower female wardrobe managed to make so much noise and so deeply sink into the souls of the beautiful half of our society?

A love story that ended with world success

Surprisingly, the history of the global brand, which today never ceases to amaze, fascinate and delight most of humanity, began with the fervent love of one young man.

Many options

And it happened this way: an unknown, at that time, a graduate of Stanford University, Roy Raymond, decided to please his wife with a romantic and very intimate gift - a set of beautiful underwear.

But, unfortunately, having been in almost all stores and department stores, he could not find a suitable option that would satisfy his concept of the beautiful and elegant. In addition, Raymond was not just upset by the lack of affordable beautiful underwear, he was simply lost in the same shelves and shelves with the same and unremarkable bras.

He could not find a competent seller who could really help him in the "otherworldly" world of female joys, running into constant confusion, he could not understand why sellers successfully serve women, but completely lost at the sight of a male buyer?


Ray and found a gift for his beloved wife, but got a revolutionary idea - to open his lingerie store, which will be a real breakthrough in the world of women's fashion.

In 1977, he opened the first store in the Stanford shopping center, which combined two main aspects: European grace and elegance, as well as a friendly and inviting atmosphere, where even a man can feel comfortable.


The interior of the first store was strikingly different from all the gray and typical boutiques of the time, its walls were decorated with wooden panels, and the Victorian-era objects made up the cozy atmosphere.

By the way, to whom it is interesting, the name Victoria’s Secret did not at all honor the secrets of Raymond’s beloved wife, but was dedicated to the name of the famous English Queen Victoria.

Literally for 5 years, Victoria Victoria Secret has begun to gain tremendous speed of popularity,During this time, 6 stores were opened, and the first in America, and throughout the world, technology for the sale of linen through catalogs appeared.

For women and men who were very shy or, for some reason, could not visit the real stores of a famous brand, it was enough to order underwear. In 1982, Raymond, experiencing serious financial difficulties, sold Victoria’s Secret to the owner of a chain of clothing stores Leslie Wexner, who, in fact, made the brand famous and popular all over the world.

Sexy lace

He changed the concept of stores, leaving the image of “paradise for men”, fully concentrating all his attention on the desires and preferences of the female audience, because, anyway, it was she who made the main profit of the enterprise.

Since then, Victoria’s Secret has opened a second wind in itself: the atmosphere of sexuality, romance and beauty has not left the fashionable women's boutiques with the name of the English Queen. Wexner skillfully captured all women's desires and needs, realizing that every woman always strives to wear something exclusive and extraordinary, even hidden behind layers of outerwear.

A lot of swimsuits

Why do women choose Victoria’s Secret?

Yes, because today it is already a classic, a woman who seeks to always look beautiful, elegant, fashionable and elegant, will never pass by this brand.

They have pajamas

It should also be noted that the secrets of Victoria is not just a brand, it is a whole sphere filled with incredible advertising, which prompts to buy something new from the latest fashion collection. After Wexner launched mass production, refined glamor became even more affordable for ordinary women.

Over time, Victoria Secret was recognized not only in America, but also in other countries, for which the best specialists and advertisers were invited. By that time, the company’s turnover began to be in excess of $ 1 billion, but no one was going to stop there.

Cute image

In order for the beautiful sex to be more and more fascinated by Victoria's Secret underwear, the company's policy was based on creating things that are not just good for you, they should help awaken secret fantasies.

Today, Victoria’s Secret brand is not just boutiques, catalogs and clothing, it’s also enchanting shows, shows, photo shoots with high-end and world-class models.

Beautiful girl

The show of the annual collection is not just a show, it is a whole performance that is played out on the most expensive catwalk in the world, where every model and thing on it has its own special story.

Victoria's Secret shows are one of the most awaited events in the fashion world, which more than justifies its name: until recently, it’s not known what kind of underwear will be presented to the audience, who will put it on, whose hits will be performed, even the number when the grand event passes held to the last moment in the strictest confidence.

This is a show

But special attention should be paid to the girls, they are called Victoria’s Secret angels, because they are the best of the best, they sit on the strictest diets, spend hours practicing in the gymnasiums, undergo hard casting to join the ranks of the famous “goddesses”.

These are the costumes

The “angel” probably dreams of becoming every model, but only a few people get this honor. In order to reinforce their rank and make the show as spectacular, colorful and incredibly grand as possible, the girls go to the podium with various wings behind them - in the form of birds, angels, fairies, butterflies and even devils, which has already become the company's trademark.

Epatage and femininity

Each show is something extraordinary, the sets presented by the girls almost never come to retail, because they are completely exclusive.

Victoria's Secret is an exceptional phenomenon in the fashion world, because its creators do not cease to think and remember about every woman and her desires.Despite the large number of acceptable models of clothing and underwear, the brand also produces very expensive sets, for example, the Very Sexy Fantasy Bra series, which is completely encrusted with precious stones and metals.

Fantasy bras

The price of one such set can reach $ 10-13 million, and in order to present such a curiosity to the world, one of the most worthy and, apparently, the most sexy "angel" from the general "fraternity" is chosen.

For example, in the 2013 show, this honor fell to the beautiful Candice Swanepoel, who presented to everyone the bra of real gold, the main detail of which was the 52-carat ruby.

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